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solar panel companies
Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

There are many consumers out there who are ready and willing to experience the available solar panels. However, the problem is most of them are completely unaware of which solar panel companies to turn to. There are many companies out there that either manufacture, install or do both. It’s up to you to be aware of that.

Sun Run Solar Panel Company was established in 2007 and the advantages that come with buying solar panels from them is that you can save over 18%. You can lease. It also offers also purchasing agreements. The only problem is that their solar panels are only available in 15 states of the United States.

Vivint Solar Panel Company was established in 1999, and it offers the same services as Sun Run Panel Company. In addition, it offers home security for owners and focuses on offering a good price. The problem with Vivint Solar Company is that it is only found in 12 states in the United States.

NRG Solar Panel Company provides home installation, design, and even maintaining. It can be the best option for a person who does not want to do most of the work while moving to solar energy. However, the problem is that they do not offer purchasing agreements and leasing. So a consumer should be aware of that.

Sun Power Solar Panel Company has been established 55 years ago and unlike NRG, it offers power purchase agreements and also leases. In addition, it also offers good discounts. It does the installation and also the manufacturing. This is one of the companies that have been in the solar market for a long time.

Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

Solar Panel Companies

This is not a full list of all the solar companies out there but it is probably a good start. It is wise to still go to the internet and find out all the other solar companies and their services. It is always wise for you to do your own research to help you choose the one that will best suit your personal needs.

Types of solar panel companies

There are those companies that are only consumers in that they only manufacture solar panels and the rest of the work is for the consumers. For the installation, you will have to do it independently or hire other companies to do the installation. It is not advisable to go for these kinds of companies for your solar panels since you will need to do a lot of work.

There are also those companies that only do the installation. They only install solar panels but do not manufacture them. However, most of these companies will usually go out of their way to first purchase the solar panels on your behalf and then include all the purchasing cost in your installation cost.

There are also full services companies for solar panels. They will not only purchase the solar panel for you but will also go ahead to take care of all the maintenance cost of the solar panels. This is because most of these full-service companies normally own the solar power systems.

There are also vertically integrated companies that come in as a whole package. They are the ones responsible for the manufacturing of solar panels solar cells. These companies also go ahead to do the installation of those solar panels, they also do the maintenance.

There is the lead generating companies which do not manufacture solar panels or install solar panels. They act as middle men between these solar companies and consumers. They inform the public and encourage them to go solar.

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

A consumer will always to be aware and do research on the kind of deals and features that solar panel companies.

The first important factor is financing options. Most solar companies do not have a price tag on their solar panel equipment and therefore you will not be aware of the financing option that is available. However, it’s always advisable to know so that you can know what steps you will have to take when it comes to saving. There are factors you must bear mind before purchasing that solar panel.

For instance, you have to know whether you want to lease or sign a power purchasing agreement. In these agreements, the company selling the solar panel to you will be a third party. He will be the one operating and maintaining your solar panel and you as the customer will give them the permission to install the solar panel on your property.

There is the option of getting a loan from your bank before purchasing a solar panel from the company. It is advisable that you first have a clear view of what it all it entails. Do thorough research and ensure that you get what you wanted. This is to ensure that you do not get any surprises especially after you have bought your solar panel from your preferred company.

There are also some financial institutions like Property Assessed Clean Energy. They will give you finances that you will need to pay for the installation of solar panels.


What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

Every company is out there to compete. Solar panel companies are no exception. There are solar companies that only install, others only manufacture while others do both and some offer only services. The other additional services offered by these solar panel companies include the following:

There are companies that will give you warranties and offer the required maintenance of the solar panel. These bonus services always come with a cost.

There are companies that will offer you financing help and then you can pay back according to what you have agreed to your contract. However, it’s best that you do thorough research first to ensure that you actually get what you want financially.

There are companies that will also go out of their way to work with incentives that you can actually afford. For example, tax incentives. There are those companies that actually do the manufacturing themselves so it is always a good idea to actually work closely with them.

It is always also advisable to look for those companies that offer good customer service to ensure that you have the best information about their solar panels and services.

It is a good idea to first do your research on the companies and know what you want.


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There are many companies manufacturing solar panels out there: Solar world, Trina Solar, Hanwha Q Cells and JA solar. Solar world is one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers that has factories in the United States and Germany and it is also has offices all over the world. The company has been in business for over 40 years.

Solar Panel Manufacturers

solar panel manufacturers

Solar Panels Manufacturers

Most of these famous manufacturing companies make solar panels for both grid and off grid power generation. Moreover, they also offer installation, construction services. There are even companies that offer extra services such as training services to their new trainees which is a good advantage since this will ensure that converting to solar energy becomes a simple process.

Most of these manufacturers have made a big impact on the usage of solar energy today. They have made it easy to convert to solar energy.  Kyocera is one such company that has made great contributions to solar energy. They produce solar panels and solar cells that are used in the installation of solar energy.

The History of Kyocera Solar Panels

This company has been in existence for a very long time. It began its journey in the 1950s when the world sees an oil crisis. Kyocera Solar Panel Company decided to find a way to solve the issue and they found the solution in conversion to solar energy. With solar energy, unlike oil, it will not suffer from shortages since solar energy is a completely free source of energy.

After discovering solar energy, Kyocera has never looked back. They went ahead to ensure they make the beset solar panels and solar cells. In fact, there are quality solar panels that they made in the 1960s that are still existing today.

Advantages of Solar Panel and Kyocera Solar Panels

Many families all over the world have been encouraged to switch to solar energy. Kyocera as a solar panel manufacturer made a big impact by being among the first manufacturers in the world to actually embrace solar energy. Based on a research in 2012, it was discovered that more than 70 % of the people in America had actually switched to using solar panels and these was mainly because  of the availability of solar panels.

Solar panel manufacturers have saved the world a lot of money. Before the advent of the solar energy, most people used to depend on petroleum oil and diesel which was costly. Furthermore, most petroleum oil is an export and it has caused the country a lot of money. Through switching to solar energy, families and countries all over the world saved a lot of money. After installation, solar energy uses sunlight which is free.

Advantages of Solar Panels

Advantages of Solar Panels

It has also played a big part in making the world a safe and clear environment. Furthermore, conversion to solar energy has played a big role in slowing down global warming.  For along time it has been said that if change is not actually done right now, human life will be threatened because of global warming. Solar panel manufacturers have played a big role in ensuring that the world is a better place to live in.

Further, it has stopped any kind of monopoly because people with oil could monopolize it especially in situations where there is a crisis. However, thanks to solar panel and solar cells manufactures, it is now easy to get freee energy from the sun.

Solar panel manufacturers have also created many job opportunities. This has lead to many manufacturing companies like Kyocera to create distributing outlets and in the process they create many job opportunities. They also educated the public on the importance of converting to solar energy.

Solar panel manufacturers have also made conversion to solar energy a very easy thing. For instance, people used to spend a lot of time to get a solar panel and getting someone to install them was another stressful process. However, the manufacturers have made it simple because now since solar panels and cells are readily available.

The guaranteed performance of solar energy is also because of the solar panel manufacturers. This has saved a lot of families a lot of money who have switched to using the solar energy and also it can be seen by the increasing number of people who are actually embracing solar energy.


As we have discussed, solar panel manufacturers and Kyocera Solar panels have made a great impact on solar energy. They are the heart of solar energy. The huge success that we have with solar energy is due to solar companies.

Kyocera has made good process as the solar panels and solar cells manufactured many decades ago are still working today. We should appreciate these manufacturing companies for producing quality solar panels.

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Solar Panel Price

The answer to how much solar panels are worth and how much it will cost a person looking to buy wholesale is normally on many of the solar company websites. There is more to these since apart from purchasing the solar panel, it there is the cost of installing it in your home or  business premises. Many of these companies even have solar panel price calculators which will help  you calculate how much the solar panels will actually cost you. The problem with these calculators and the calculations is that they are not easily understood by everyone.

Another huge problem is that most people will spend more than others. In areas where the sunlight is not abundant, more solar panels are needed here than in areas that have these strong sunlight. In addition the amount of sunlight that one will need to consume is another of the factor. That is to say a home and a business premises will not consume the same amount of power and therefore their prices are likely to fluctuate.

Factors that will determine the solar panel price and wholesale price

Solar Panels for Business

Solar Panels for Business

If you are buying it at a retailer price, you are more likely to spend more than the next person who is buying it for whole sale consumption. These is mainly because if you are buying it for retail, you are actually buying one and it is most likely for your own personal consumption. However, when you buy at a wholesale solar panel price, you will be buying them at very large qualities which will make them cheaper for you.

The location of your home or your business premises also play a big role in determining how much you are going to invest in your solar panels. That is to say for a home that receives sunlight throughout the day, you will not need a large or more solar panels which mean you will spend less on solar panels. However, for a house that receives less sunlight throughout the day, you will need to capture more solar energy and this will mean you will need more money since you will have to invest in larger solar systems and even more for them to capture enough solar energy.

The consumption of solar energy will vary for different households because the levels of consumption are very different. For instance, you maybe using solar energy for cooking, air-conditioning, ironing, playing video games, for work with your electric devices like the computer and TV. For a family that depends solely on solar energy will most definitely spend more than one who does less of that stuff.

A home solar panel used in a business premises will most definitely not cost the same amount of money. A business place will need more solar panels and also need more of them. It is therefore advisable that the business be ready to chip in more money in situations in getting there solar panels for business use.

The solar panel company that you choose to be your service provider will also play a big role in determining how much money you will have to inject into your solar panel business. There are companies that are less costly in their services and there are those that are expensive in the services they provide. For instance, a company that manufactures its own solar panels will actually be less expensive than a company that does not since they will have to purchase those solar panels from the company that manufactures them.

The types of government incentives available in your area will also play a major role in the amount of money that you will have to invest on your solar panel. For instance, there are areas that have less tax on solar panels and some other areas have bigger taxes on solar panels. Areas with less taxation will have cheaper solar panels compared to areas with higher taxation. For example, there are areas that the government has less incentives like taxation on solar panel equipments with the aim of encouraging people to switch to solar energy. In such cases, solar panels are bound to be cheaper in such areas.

Estimation of the cost of a Solar Panel

Home Solar Pannels

Home Solar Pannels

The amount of energy you consume in the house will determine how much the solar panel will cost. An example of solar consumption in the United States of America is that every household consumes solar energy of 1 Kilo watts in every hour, and the approximate price it will cost you for I Kilo Watt is 0.10$. In a month, for an estimated 730 hours, it will cost you about $73 a month. However this varies from household to household since we all have different types of consumption levels. The solar panel price is based on this.

Based on the recent research, a 5 kilo Watt system solar panel installed could cost the consumer an approximate amount of over $25, 000. This is based on the estimation of having 1 Kilo Watt costing $7. However, there are companies that deal with solar panels that will actually reduce the amount by giving discounts of over 40%. These can at least make the solar panels less expensive and thus making them affordable to many solar energy consumers out there.

However, despite the fact that most of these companies offer good incentives like giving you a discount, you will end up paying more than you could have purchased it at the normal solar panel price. The cost of a solar panel is at the estimated price of $5 including the installation price. This means that buying the solar panel at half price and paying it back with installments for some years will actually cost you more.

For every 100 square feet, you are likely to use 1 Kilo Watt of solar energy. This has been proved on solar panels that are approximately over 10 percent efficient. Based on this estimation, for people who live in areas where the sun shines for 12 hours, you actually only need a solar panel that covers 100 square feet. This solar panel will be able to generate your required solar energy, and you will just have to purchase it at a cheaper price. This will be different from a person who lives in an area not blessed with 12 hours of sunlight.

There are companies that actually offer solutions. They provide you with a meter which actually goes backwards in situations that you are not consuming a lot of energy. This is offset in situations where you are actually consuming a lot of energy. It is always a good deal to find companies that give these kinds of meters since it comes as a good package.


A normal solar panel is actually made up of four elements which include the solar panel itself. There are also batteries that store the absorbed energy for future use. There is the controller which controlls the batteries to ensure a regular flow of electricity. And then there is the converter which converts the energy that is stored in the batteries. These components of a solar panel mean that from time to time, you need to replace the batteries or other parts. All these will require a considerable amount of investment. It is therefore advisable for you to do serious research before investing in these solar panels.

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Solar Panel Price

There are very many solar panel companies all over the world that offer solar panels. They include Vivint solar, NRG home solar, Sunrun company, Xoom Solar and Sun Power Company. They all offer very good additional services like tax credits, warranties, flexibility and monitoring services but it is always advisable to do a personal research before making any decision. Utah solar panel companies also has good incentives on renewable energy with an aim of encouraging people to switch to solar energy.

Solar companies have played a big role in  getting people to convert to solar energy. These companies make it easy for many people to actually access their solar panel equipment. Furthermore, these companies offer good packages like loans and tax credits, thus encouraging a lot of people to actually invest in solar energy. This is because initial costs are high but these additional services of cutting the costs are a good idea for everyone.

Top Solar Panel Companies

utah solar panel companies

Utah Solar Panel Companies

Everyone would want to have reliability consistency and spend less money. That is what you get when you switch to using solar energy. However, before you get to buying and installing the solar panels in your home, it is always advisable to know your companies. The main aim of actually knowing the kind of company you are going to purchase your solar panel and solar cells from is because you need to be aware of what they offer since most of these companies have interesting additional services. While most of these services are beneficial, there are also negative ones.

Sunrun Company was established in 2007, and it has been supplying solar panels. The advantages of buying solar panels and solar cells from this company include: it has a financing option which you can decide to finance everything (installation and maintenance) and you pay back in installments. There is also the option of leasing and the best part is you will be able to  save over 18% when you buy your solar panels from them.

NRG Home Solar is among the best home solar panel providers. However, they do not offer power purchasing agreements. They offer other services like installing the solar panels and maintenance. The additional services the company offers include solar panel designing.

Vivint solar company was established in 1999. It is also a solar panel company and is best for people looking to install solar panels in their homes. It also offers leasing services to its customers and you can also sign a power purchasing agreement.

Xoom Solar Company also deals in solar panels and solar cells. It also offers leases and finances.

Sun Power Solar Company is one of the best solar companies around and has been in the solar business for over 30 years. They have solar panels that are patented. This has set them apart from other companies out there.

Is solar energy suitable for you?

solar panels in Utah

Solar Panels in Utah

Most Utah solar panel companies wil first do an evaluation so they can know if solar energy is suitable for you. Here are some factors that the solar companies actually consider before making their decision.

The size of the roof is very important, so before you go to those companies, ensure that you have all the information regarding the size of your roof. This is mainly because your roof must be big enough to ensure that the solar panels can fit onto your roof. The more energy you need, the more important it is to have a larger roof since it will need larger solar panels.

The amount of sun you get is also an important factor to consider. This is because solar energy from the sun is what we need for the solar panels to actually work effectively. It is therefore always advisable to know how many hours of sunlight you receive a day. This means for areas that receive sunlight for less hours will need larger solar panels compared to those that receive sunlight for more hours daily.

When we are looking to invest in anything, we always consider finances and the benefits we are going to get. This is not an exception in solar panels. Most Utah solar panel companies offer installment plans. In addition, most of these companies also offer leasing and power purchasing agreements.

What To Look Out For In Good Utah Solar Companies

There are companies that of tax incentives and there are companies which offer friendly tax credits when you purchase the solar panels from them. There are companies that offer warranties and these is a good option for any person looking for a sense of security. There are companies that offer warranties of up to 20 years.

Some companies offer monitoring as one of their additional services since it is very important to ensure that everything is working properly.  In instances where you do not get a company that offers maintenance services, you will have to get your own technician and it is sometimes a hassle to do so.

There are Utah solar panel companies that come with flexibility financing plans, They offer loans and power purchasing agreements. This is mostly for the consumers who have not actually decided what they are going to do. However, with all those choices on the table, you can weigh your options carefully.

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High efficiency solar panels are available in the market with varying levels of effectiveness. Most solar panels are capable of producing 12-22.5% of energy absorbed into the panel before conversion to usable electricity. Efficiency of solar panels depends on the surface area and the energy needs of the house or premises. You can increase the number of solar panels on the roof of your house or business premises. A customer may purchase a few units of high efficiency solar panels because the panels can covert the least amount of solar energy into useful electricity. With a high efficiency solar panel, you require less surface area to generate the power you need. Some solar cells can convert up to 22.5% of solar power into electricity. This is the ideal choice for smaller buildings that do not have much space for a larger system. Many buildings can be powered up by 10 or 30 solar panels. However always keep the solar panels in series. This is effective as it reduces chances of complications especially in installing many low efficiency solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

High Efficiency Solar Panels

Many buildings may be fully powered with 10 to 20 arrays without having to be dependent on the local utility company. It is imperative to note that high efficiency solar panels should be installed at the right angle on the roof to optimize the amount of sunlight reaching their surfaces. The arrays must be installed with ample space between the bottom of the system and the roof. In some models, it could be disrupted by shadows and this should be taken into consideration when installing the solar panels. High efficiency solar panel arrays are available in two basic types: polycrystalline silicon and monocystalline silicon. Monocystalline silicon uses single cells of silicon and they can produce 17-22.5% efficiency of electricity by capturing solar energy. This is the most productive type of cells and it can absorb more energy than other models.

A polycrystalline silicon board of multiple cells are embedded with lower quantity of silicon. It is a more affordable than high efficiency solar panels with a possibility of producing electrical energy by up to 17%.  One common mistake that many people make is to try to install the solar panels by themselves. This is a bad idea because that could affect the solar panels functionality and the total electricity derived from the panels. It is crucial that you hire the services of a licensed contractor. A professional solar installer will calculate the energy produced in your location and determine the right place to install the solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panel Installation

Most high efficiency solar panels require high initial capital. However, you can use a small number of high efficiency solar panels and yet produce a large amount of energy. You can improve the efficiency and conversion rate of the solar panels by clearing the area where the panels are going to be placed. Any kind of shade or dirt will affect the overall output of the solar panels. Installing high efficiency solar panels guarantees you high energy production.

When you produce excess energy, you can turn it into profit by selling the excess energy back to the utility company. There are numerous benefits that are offered by the utility company if you sell power directly to them. It is essential to note that governments are trying to find an ultimate solution to the energy crisis.  More people are embracing solar energy and when you have a high number of solar panels, you can reduce or sometimes eliminate electrical bills. Premium feed in tariffs expire in some countries and households need to look for alternative sources of energy such as battery storage, electric vehicles and off grid sources.

High Efficiency Solar Panels Ratings

House with solar panels

House with solar panels

Over the past decade, there is a solar boom around the world as most people are looking for green and renewable energy sources. Conventional energy sources such as coal, electricity and fossil fuels are creating greenhouse gases which are the main culprits of global warming. Many solar rooftop modules are rated 160 W, 250 W, 300 W and 400W. It is vital to note that the high efficiency models convert solar energy into electricity faster than any other models available in the market. The efficiency of the solar panels is an essential feature and most manufacturers are looking for ways to improve quality.

Premium solar panel models are expensive but they are effective in converting solar energy into electrical energy. Cheap solar panels reduce efficiency and contribute to dumping, especially in less developed countries. When you contact a solar panel seller, it is crucial that you read the customer testimonials to get a glimpse of what you are going to expect from the seller. There is a huge shift in market demand as most solar manufacturers are looking for prospective buyers who can purchase the high-end models. The battery storage market is continually expanding and it is vital that you consider other factors apart from efficiency and size of the panel. According to LG solar manufacturers, most homeowners are looking for a solution to energy problems and they are choosing high efficiency solar panels.

One way to combat climate change is to eliminate the production of fossil fuel dependent vehicles. It is imperative to note that hybrid vehicles can be more efficient and powerful in combating climate change than fossil fuel based vehicles. Currently, LG electronics is offering a 320W neon 2 and the company is continuing to increase the efficacy and functionality of the cells by launching solar panels that are more powerful. In addition, storage battery products range from 3.3 KW to 10 KW. This will increase the energy stored in homes. It could help eliminate the need for grid electricity or coal dependent power generation.

Common Assumptions about Solar Panel Efficiency

There are misconceptions when it comes to solar technology. In the past 10 years, the technology has shifted drastically and researchers as well as company producers are looking for newer ways of producing solar energy. When planning to hire a solar panel contractor, it is imperative that you assess the service provider in all aspects. Credentials, certifications, insurance and certificates of compliance are some of the vital information you should look at. High efficiency solar panels are smaller but are very effective in converting solar energy into electricity. When it comes to installation, the size of the panels matter. Since these are high efficiency solar panels, fewer solar panels will be required to power up a larger plant or cope with high-energy costs. The commonly known high efficiency solar panels are stylish, smooth on the exterior and most people find them more appealing than the conventional solar panels. The rate at which solar energy is converted into electricity is increased with the high efficiency solar panels. You should look for a trustworthy solar panel supplier .

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The use of electronic devices indoors and outdoors continues to grow. This leads to the demand of portable power solutions to recharge the devices. Solar panel charger is a solution that will help power up the devices. Portable solar panels have become a preferred choice among users. Understanding the power supply chain will be beneficial in choosing the right solar panel charger. To recharge your electric devices, you need portable batteries and a portable solar panel charger. Solar energy is one of the most common off-the-grid sources of power. Solar energy is a renewable and a clean source of energy which you can utilize to recharge your devices.

Solar Panel Charger

Solar Panel Charger

There are numerous solar panel designs available in the market – panels only, panels with independent storage batteries and panels with integrated storage batteries. Understanding the technical terms associated with solar panels and solar panel chargers is vital in finding the ultimate solution. Amperage is the electrical power that the solar panel supplies to the battery pack. Watts is a common unit of measurement and you should be able to understand the concept of electrical power. If you want to charge items, then it is imperative to note that the wattage of the panels. If you buy a low wattage panel, then you will end up charging multiple devices for a longer time and this is expensive. There are features that you should consider when looking for a solar panel charger.

Output Power

The output power of the solar panel charger is an important feature. It is essential that you match the needs of your devices by obtaining a solar panel charger of high quality. Some manufacturers are known to report total amperages of the total ports combined while others report amperage for only one port.

Types of Portable Panels


Copper indium gallidium selenide panels are flexible panels. They are very effective in converting sunlight into electricity. They are some of the most flexible solar panels in the market and it is vital to note that CIGS  could degrade quickly because it is very flexible.


Monocystalline solar panel refers to solar panels that are manufactured using silicon components that are more efficient in generating power with an efficiency of up to 22% . This is one of the highest efficiency rate in the solar panel industry.


Polycrystalline panels are bluish in color as the monocystalline panels have a black color. The performance of the solar panel chargers vary greatly and it is imperative to note that the silicon could affect the efficiency of the solar panel system to a huge extent.

External Battery vs. Solar Chargers

In most cases, you could use a battery that is bigger than your device battery and use it to charge you devices. You can take home a battery that could power up all your devices. External batteries offer temporary solutions. It is essential to note that solar chargers are efficient in powering up devices and could be the ultimate solution for green energy.

Features To Consider When Buying Solar Panel Charger


solar panel cell phone charger

Solar Panel Cell Phone ChargerSolar chargers are usually equipped with USB or universal serial bus ports. All the ports can charge mobile and other devices. The most common feature of solar panel chargers is the provision of an enhanced universal serial bus port with higher amperage as this will meet high power needs of most devices. Having a solar power charger is the best solution for most energy problems. However, it is imperative that you charge your devices when you are connected to the grid.

Integrated Batteries

Currently, panels have automatic adjustments that can help you charge up your deveices throughout the night unmonitored. It is essential to note that solar kits are the leading solutions for personal charging needs. Solar panels are known to charge devices quickly compared to batteries because they converge all solar energy into electricity and direct it to the devices. A good integrated solar device has an efficiency of up to 90% and it is not bad compared to regular batteries with efficiency of only 70-80%. The devices can be charged even with low energy. It is imperative that you can have an additional battery pack to avoid any charging interruption due to weather changes.

Ease of Use

One of the features of solar chargers is that they are effective in converting solar energy into electricity. It is imperative to note that when your are purchasing solar chargers, you should avoid excessive adapters, inconvenient set ups and cords. Choose a foldable solar panel that could be shifted with ease.


If you are buying a portable solar panel to use throughtout your trip, it should not be too heavy. You should look for a device that is lightweight. It is imperative to note that as much as you want a lightweight device, it should not take priority over efficiency, durability and reliability.


Many solar panels have integrated batteries and this is crucial for powering up devices. The integrated solar panel does not have a storage system and you should choose something that you can move around with ease. This is important especially if you want to go camping or you want to move to several areas with ease.  The solar panel should be affordable, light and small with high efficiency.


Many panels have two USB charging ports and the amperage is indicated on the device. Conversion of direct current into alternating current is a feature that modern solar panel chargers should have and you should look for a solar panel that is effective in changing direct current into alternating current. Much power is lost during the conversion of energy and you should consider the loss when choosing a solar panel.

Solar Accessories

Many modern solar panels are equipped with USB connectors which could be used to charge handheld devices. Others are equipped with charging indicators, extension cables, alligator chips and other vital features. It is imperative that you choose a solar panel with all the essential solar accessories.

Price per Watt of the Solar Panel

The easiest way to determine the value of the solar panel is the price per watt. The price per watt will give you an ultimate value of what to expect in terms of efficiency. You should include the cost of all accessories as this will help you know if you are getting the right deal. Solar power from portable panels is affordable compared to electricity from the grid apart. It is also environmentally friendly and a renewable energy source. It is imperative that you consider your energy needs before choosing a solar panel or device for your trip. It is important to consider all your energy needs and pricing of the solar panel before you choose a portable solar device.

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SunPower solar panels are one of the most famous solar panel brands in the market. The company is renowned for making high quality solar panels and their products are efficient in converting solar energy into electrical energy. It is essential to note that SunPower solar panels are effective in solving your energy crisis. To understand the efficacy of the solar panel, it is important that you choose a solar panel of high quality.


Solar panel efficiency refers to how well the solar panel can convert sunshine into electricity. Given the same conditions, a high efficiency solar panel produces more electricity than that of a lower efficiency of the same size. A higher efficiency solar panel is the most effective in converting sunlight into electricity. SunPower solar panel is the most efficient in the market. Most solar panels have efficiency rates ranging from 14-18 %. SunPower products are known to have a higher efficiency of 19.1-22.2%. If you are looking for efficient solar panels, then SunPower solar panels could be good options.

Temperature Coefficient

Sunpower Solar Panels

Sunpower Solar Panels

Temperature coefficient is a feature that indicates how well the solar panel can handle conditions that are not ideal. Solar panels usually perform well when they are kept at cool temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius. You can use the temperature coefficient to know the performance of the solar panel on hot summer days. For example, if your panel has a temperature coefficient of -4.0 %, it means that it will decrease electricity production by 4% when temperature changes from 25 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius. Ideally, if you are looking for solar panels, look for one with the lowest temperature coefficient because it means it will not be largely affected by temperature changes.


It is essential that you look for a manufacturer with reliable warranty. A solar panel warranty is sometimes called an equipment warranty. It guarantees that the equipment will be replaced in case of defects arising from environmental or manufacturing issues. Most solar manufacturers in the market offer a 10-year warranty on their solar panels. In keeping up with its commitment to quality, SunPower offers a 25-year warranty on its products. The performance warranty of a product will give you a glimpse of what to expect in terms of performance and efficiency. SunPower solar panels offer the best performance warranty in the market and their performance warranty is 87% compared to the industry standard of 80 and 83%.

Cost Of SunPower Solar Panels

The cost of SunPower solar panels largely depends on the materials. Although SunPower is one of the best solar manufacturers in the industry, its pricing range is not pricey. According to market research, SunPower solar panels cost between $3.5-4.6$ and this is the median price. Other panels in the market may cost up to $6 per watt. SunPower solar panels have received a premium plus rating, the only brand that has received such a good rating in the market. If you have a limited space and need to maximize solar energy production, SunPower solar panels are a good choice. You will noy go wrong with solar panels from the largest manufacturer in the market. When looking for solar panels, compare prices from various suppliers.

The customer care of SunPower will follow up to know what you want and guide you accordingly. In addition, they will recommend an installer they trust. The solar panel pricing varies from place to place and if you want to go for premium solar panels, then you will have to make a considerable invesrment to get the best. SunPower is an American company that manufactures their solar panels in the Philippines. Richard Swanson founded the company in the year 1985 and since then it has grown to become a global brand offering solar panel solutions.

SunPower Warranty Is the Best in the Market

High Efficiency Panels

High Efficiency Panels

SunPower solar panels offer a 25-year warranty and this is the market’s best. The failure rate of the solar panels produced by SunPower is 27 in one million. This means only one panel is defective in 37,000. However, as a consumer, it is essential to note that the malfunctioning panel can be replaced immediately by the company. SunPower Company will send someone to replace the defective panel and you will not have to go to the company to find a replacement.

The main reason why SunPower offers twice the warranty for its products compared to other companies is that thermal expansion is the main cause of panel failure. When temperature changes, the solar panel expands and contracts at varying rates. This puts strain on the material and causes crack to form which subsequently leads to malfunctions. Once the wires are broken, current will not pass and this will burn the protective encapsulate, leading to corrosion and failure of the entire panel. SunPower Company has eliminated thermal expansion in their solar panels and they can offer clients long-term warranty.

SunPower have ensured that their wires collect electricity in a fine patterned mesh on the back of the cell. This arrangement is vital in distributing stress caused by expansion and helps keep the materials together. It is imperative to understand that they have greatly improved survivability of connections between solar cells by having designs with less thermal expansion. The panels have a copper backing and this is a soft ductile material that prevents the solar cells from thermal expansion.

More Electricity per Watt

SunPower solar panels are very reliable. The solar panels produce more electricity per watt. They have a positive tolerance, which means that the solar panels will continue to produce electricity at a steady pace even with changes in temperature and other environmental factors. The panels can handle shade more efficiently than other solar panels in the market can. It is imperative to note that they operate at lower temperature which improves performance and they degrade more slowly than other panels out there.

Positive Tolerance

Solar panels usually vary in their output. No manufacturing process can make 100% identical panels. Therefore, it vital to note that SunPower solar panels have an extra output of 0-5%. If you purchase a solar panel with an output of 350 watts, you may get 350 W to 355 W. Positive tolerance is where there is no downside and because these are high quality panels that will exceed your expectations. There is nothing to block sunlight when it comes to SunPower solar panels because the silicon absorbs all available light. There is a wire called busbar which is located on top and it collects electricity that is vital in improving energy efficiency and converted electricity.

There is nothing more vital than having a solar panel that conserves energy. When it comes shading, a small part of the solar panel could result in lowered efficiency and functionality in some cases. It is essential to note that diodes have a lifespan and depending on the capacity of the solar panel, you should opt for solar panels with high quality diodes to prevent loss of quality. Higher efficient solar cells are vital in improving energy production in the solar cells. SunPower solar panels are one of the best in the industry and it essential that when you look for top notch brands, go for panel makers that have been in the industry for a long time.

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Determining how many solar panels to power a house or premises is the first question that most solar panel buyers would ask. Most people who want to install solar panels on their premises wish to supplement their current energy needs with solar energy. The first step in determining the total energy consumption of your house is to calculate the total kilowatt-hours you need before you purchase more solar panels. Finding out the number of solar panels you require will largely depend on your energy consumption. If you consume 11,000-kilo watt-hour, you’ll proberly need to install 250-Watt solar panels. Using the low and high panel production ration, you should have 28 to 34 solar panels to cover your energy consumption. When you know the total energy consumption in your house, you can use that to calculate the energy that is required and number of solar panels needed.

How Many Solar Panels to Power a House

How Many Solar Panels to Power a House

One-kilowatt hour is 1000 watts used in one hour. Therefore, if you have 20 bulbs using 50 watts, having light in the house will last for one hour. In this context, you would have used 1kw. According to research, most homes use 800-1000 kilowatt-hour per month. The solar panel production ratio plays a crucial role in determining the efficacy of the solar panels. When you divide the production ratio of 1.31 (lowest) and 1.61 (highest) by 250-watt solar panel, you will be able to get the number of solar panels needed for your house or premises. The amount of power your solar energy system can produce depends on the amount sunshine in your area, the exposure ratio, efficiency and the make of the solar panels.

Look at your energy needs for the past six months and from there, you can analyze the information and know the type of solar panel you need. You can compile data from average annual energy and estimate the solar panels needed in your house or business premise. Average solar panels supplied in the market include 15, 10, and 5kw. A number of products can change the kilowatt-hour requirement depending on existing equipment and appliances. For example, if you are running an air conditioner in the backyard, energy consumption could increase drastically.

It is possible to install solar system and install more panels later when energy needs increase. The most pragmatic way is to size the system accurately based on expected purchases. It important that you plan ahead to avoid confusion in terms of failing power systems. When using a solar system, it is imperative that you know how much utility savings you can have.

How Many Panels to Power a House

a.      Look at your utility bill

The best way to calculate how many solar panels you require is to look at the utility bills. An energy-efficient house will consume less power. Depending on where you are located, the amount of daylight you receive per year will indicate the number of solar panels you will require. It is imperative that you consider the location and how much solar energy you can expect to get.

b.     Estimate amount of electricity used during daylight hours

Select a solar system that generates adequate energy

Select a solar system that generates adequate energy

Unless you have battery storage, the solar panels will be able to meet your electricity needs during the day. Unless you have subscribed to solar feed-in tariff, then your solar energy is worth most when you use it directly. The electricity generated from the solar panels will first flow through the appliances you are using at home and this will save you huge amount of money in utility bills. It is essential to note that if you have devices that use huge watt-hours, you can restrict their use during the day when the solar panel is working. On the other hand, devices or appliances that do not require much energy can be used at night. During daytime, solar panels generate enough solar energy can help you power your appliances. It is important that you estimate the percentage of the total electricity consumption and if you use 20-kilo watt-hours per day, then you should look for a solar panel that generates 7-kilo watt a day.

c.      Select a solar system that generates adequate energy

With average electricity at 15-kilo watt-hours, a third of the energy is utilized during the day and this means that you use 5-kilo watt-hours during the day. It is essential that when you purchase a solar panel, you take into consideration energy consumption during the day. You should avoid using electricity during the day and use it in-grid at night. The highest electricity consumption usually occurs outside peak solar production. Installing 3-kilo watt-hour energy would be too large for a house if you were exporting 50% of the energy. The day focus electricity pattern is geared towards homes that are occupied during the day. With appropriately sized solar system, you can use a significant portion of the solar energy and send very little to the grid.

d.     Consider battery storage

Not all solar systems provided in the market are equipped with a storage system. In most cases, the battery system is sold separately and you should consider purchasing solar panel system with high-energy battery. If you are interested in battery solar systems, there are important features you should consider.

e.      Take electricity consumption into your hands

For many households, installing a solar system is one way that could reduce huge utility bills. When installing a solar system to supplement your energy consumption, there are other features to consider. Consider the number of occupants in our house, and note the number of devices that are being used. Once you have control over energy consumption, then you can maximize your energy consumption. Moreover, you can change old devices for newer ones that are energy efficient and consume less power.

f.        Monitor the solar system’s productivity

The term ‘prosumer’ is a new concept in energy production and consumption. In this context, you are consuming energy and producing energy at the same time. You will use the solar system to subsidize high-energy costs. The rising cost of electricity is causing more people to shift to solar energy. If you want to install a solar system, it is essential that you understand all your energy needs and look for ways of harnessing renewable energy sources. You can use invertors to monitor your energy needs and make changes to your consumption pattern.

g.      How to get the most out of your solar panels

As energy experts recommend, you should understand all your energy needs before you install solar panels. Choose electrical equipment that are efficient in energy consumption. It is imperative to note that you should take electricity consumption into your hands and shut off all the devices that are not in use and monitor all unnecessary energy wastage while increasing power efficiency. It is recommended that you look for a certified installer for your solar panel system. You should look for solar panels that are durable, efficient and can produce energy at an optimal capacity. The number of solar panels you require in your house should largely depend on your energy needs and you should also seek advice from energy experts to optimize your solar system.

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Solar Panel Kits

Solar Panel Kits

The use of solar energy has been embraced by many families both at home and work place. Many people have learned a good and safe way to save money and have reliable energy – using solar energy. However, installation of solar panels that produce this energy has been very costly. This cost has led to manufacturers creating a solar panel kit. These solar panel kits come as a package containing everything that you need to install the solar panel. The Solar Panel Kits come with these three elements: a mounting hardware, grid tie inverters, and solar panels. You will find all these products sold together in a box.

These solar kits are advantageous because apart from being pocket-friendly, it is also efficient and consistent. This is exactly what people who invest in these solar kits get when they invest in them. These make everything simply because you does not have to get all these things from different suppliers which do not make it only expensive, it also becomes very hectic and thus may discourage people from switching to using solar energy. Further, it is quite costly for the people who are switching to solar energy for the first time since you need to get the solar panels and installed separately. But these solar kits offer a better solution.

What to Consider when Purchasing Solar Panel Kits

What to Consider when Purchasing Solar Panel Kits

What to Consider when Purchasing Solar Panel Kits

There are factors that you need to consider before buying the solar panel kits. It is normally the budget that most people consider before actually buy something. However, there is more than the cost that you need to consider. The factors to be considered include the following:

The grid and off-grid solar panel kits are one of the factors that need to be considered. Grid solar kits are designed to be best used at homes since they have been utilized as a sole source of power which is best used at homes. In addition, it has also been used as a supplementary power which acts as a way of saving energy. Off-grid solar kits, on the other hand, have been designed to act in emergency situations and so they are best used in boats, electric fence and remote areas. These are important factors you should know before purchasing the solar kits to ensure that you have purchased the right one.

The location of your home is another factor that should be considered before purchasing a solar panel kit. You should be aware of the size of your house and how many rooms that the house has so that you can purchase the right kit. Moreover, location is also an important factor so that you can how much sunlight you can receive at home.

Both buying online and going to the physical shop have their own advantages. For example, shop buying will enable you to have a one-on-one with the person you are buying the solar kit from, and therefore you are able to ask your questions easily and be able to see the product physically. On the other hand, with online buying, you can purchase it at a more affordable price.

It is also a good idea to do a little research on the kind of laws that are applicable in your locality regarding solar panel kits. There are some municipalities and localities that have certain rules. However, the government does not in any way prohibit the use of solar kits. However, some estates and neighborhoods have put up their own laws regarding their installation, so it’s generally advisable to know them before buying the solar kits.

Importance of Solar Panel Kits

Importance of Solar Panel Kits

Importance of Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are the best ways to put together a solar power system. These means you will not have to spend a lot of money buying the different parts from different outlets at different prices. This will save you time and costs, making it very convenient and reliable to use. In addition, you will not worry about any shortage since the components of the kits have been designed to provide the required energy.

It is eco-friendly society since the solar kits contain all the components that will be able to convert the sun energy into clean, renewable energy. The kits that have been assembled do not pollute the environment in any way since it does not produce any poisonous gas, making it the best choice as a source of energy. In addition, solar kits do not generate noise pollution, something that has been a norm with gas furnaces and generators that are electric.

Solar panel kits do not need high maintenance which is a great advantage. With the solar kits, the moment you bought them, they perform perfectly and you do not need to incur repair expenses. The only problem that normally occurs and actually happens once in a blue moon is the need to replace the kit and since it comes with an output of 25 years, these will take a very long time. These solar kits will be a very good choice for anyone with the intention of venturing into using solar energy.

It is also very economical to invest in solar panel kits. The initial costs of installation of solar panels have been very expensive. However, solar kits have come in to solve this problem since solar kits come as a whole package, you do not need to buy the required solar equipment from different outlets. In addition, solar kits have a life span of over 28 years. This makes it worth the investment.

Solar panel kits also provide energy independence. Which means the moment you have them installed at your home or business premises, you will be energy independent. This is because you will not need to depend on oil or other petroleum. The only thing that you will be depending on is sunlight which is a natural resource that is free for everyone. It is therefore advisable to buy one of these solar kits to have efficiency, consistency, reliability and most importantly independence.

There is also guaranteed convenience that comes with purchasing solar kits because you will have everything you want in one place. When you purchase solar kits, you will get everything you need and will not need to go buy something else.


Solar panel kits are the best ways in dealing with the expensive initial costs of installing them. The initial costs of installing solar panels are very expensive and this has been the as simple way that was adopted by many manufacturers to help solve the problem. It has now become very simple because the solar kit comes as a whole package with everything that you need to install solar energy at home. These will save you trouble and money. It has never been better for anyone looking to save the money and embrace the reliability and consistency that comes with solar energy.

Solar panel kits also have several benefits. It is eco-friendly. It is also very economical in that you do not need to spend a lot of money.


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Solar Panel Roads

Solar Panel Roads

Solar panel roads are solar panels that have been specifically designed on the road for people to walk on and cars to be driven over. One of its sole purposes is to bring about clean, renewable energy on these roads that are walked and driven on. These solar panels are placed on roadways for instance; tarmacs, sidewalks, playgrounds, parking lots, courtyards and bike paths. The main role that these solar panels play is that they absorb solar energy that reflects on the surface and then use it to bring in new and current infrastructure.

Modern solar panel roads are the best ways to go, especially now that most departments of transport do not get enough money to have the roads repaired. Solar panels on our roads become the best option to have our road in a good modern state and at the same time save on costs. A lot of things change through technology but never our roads.

Uses of Solar Panel Roads

Uses of Solar Panel Roads

Uses of Solar Panel Roads

There are many solar panels out there that have been designed for roads, and most of them contain LED lights. These solar panels have been designed in a way that inside them they have heating elements. These elements ensure that ice and snow that fall on these roads are not in any way accumulated. These solar panels also contain micro compressors which make them very intelligent and operate like a human brain. This design makes the solar panels work in tandem and they are able to communicate among themselves and also with the vehicles. This makes work very efficient since through the communication, it avoids inefficiency and also leads to the best results.

There are some road solar panels that are made of glass. It may be hard to believe but there are companies that manufacture glass solar panels. The glass solar panels are however not the ordinary glass that we see around. They have a surface that is fractioned. This means that those glasses can support all kind of weight, meaning even if it’s the largest truck in the world, it will be able to support with ease. These solar panels are the best way to go and they save money and keep our roads eco-friendly.

Importance of Solar Panel Roads

Importance of Solar Panel Roads

Importance of Solar Panel Roads

They save energy. Based on a recent study that was conducted in the United States, if all walkways, parking lots, courtyards, tarmacs, highways, and pathways could be converted into solar panels, the solar energy that they could produce would be more than the energy that electricity which is the most used right now could produce. This is a very important way of saving energy and it should be adopted more widely.

Solar energy has been known to slow down global warming which has in recent years been labeled as one of the situation that if not taken care of it will lead to loss of lives. There are many roads, pathways, tarmacs, and highways all over the world and if all these are turned into solar panels, it will make a lot of good changes that will help end global warming.

Solar power will save us a lot of money, especially if we adopt solar panels in our parking lots at our residential places, walk way paths and even bike paths. If we are to invest in solar energy, we will have modern infrastructure since most of these solar panels are made of glass.

Solar panels on our roads

Solar panels on our roads

Solar panels on our roads will also save us a lot of energy that will always be reliable. The roads are sometimes not used so it will be at this time that it will attract more energy. Moreover, there is a consistency form of energy as the sun shines throughout the day. This makes having solar panels on our roads a very good idea which should be embraced by all.

We all know that right now we are using expensive materials that need to be imported to make our roads. These will, however, end when we embrace solar energy on our roads because our source energy will be the sun. The sun is the natural light that is provided free of charge.

Investing in solar panels on our roads lets us have energy independence. This is because sunlight is not something that can be bought in the shops, thus there will be no monopoly. The moment all our roads, tarmacs, parking lots, and highways are equipped with these amazing technology, we will be independent since we will only have to depend on sunlight which is free for us all.

As we all know everything in this world has both an advantage and also a disadvantage, the solar panels on our roads is no exception. It has a few shortcomings which can be solved with time as more people learn to embrace green technology. These disadvantages are normal challenges but are not permanent problems. They include the following:

The use of solar panels that are made out of glass may become a problem because it may be slippery during the rainy seasons. Further, the type of glass that will be used in making these roads is very expensive.

There is also the issue of poor performance that may come with installing solar panels on our roads. Most solar panels in homes work better when it is on the roof. Having them on the surface may attract less energy. The main aim of switching to solar panels on our roads is to ensure that there is increased performance.


glass solar panels

glass solar panels

Solar panel roads are a very good way of embracing solar energy. It has the best facilities and the best thing about it is that it will be consistent and user-friendly. It is modern in a way that it uses glass solar panels, though it is not the ordinary solar panels because it has to handle a lot of weight and will be conserving more energy at the same time.

Solar panels for our roads also uses LED lights which are known to be very friendly to the environment. These will come in very handy in trying to solve global warming. In addition, with the right technology, these solar panel roads will be able to charge electric cars. To have new changes on our roads, having solar panels installed on our roads is the best way to go.


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