Cheap Solar Panels

cheap solar panel

You may be looking for cheaper solar panels that will reduce your power bills. When you install solar panels on your business or home premises, you can save thousands of dollars in electrical bills. However, it is imperative to note that it is not going to be automatically cheap, especially for high power production. Buying and installing solar panels can be a challenging task especially to people who do not have the initial capital to maintain it. No wonder many people are making solar panel as one of the most important energy solutions. Solar panels are often sold in dollars per watts. You will be able to get cheap solar panels and there are a number of ways to evaluate the expenses of solar panels. China-made solar panels are available cheaply but many people are looking for quality solar panels. Certain markets prefer American or German made solar panels isntead of those made in China.

Finding the right brand of solar panels is an essential aspect that will save you a lot in the long run. It is vital that you look at the area you are located before you research for cheap solar panels. According to a recent market research, the price of solar energy is $3.70 per watt and this is a 12% reduction compared to the price last year. Compare all available options before you choose a solar panel. Solar panels can cost a lot of money.

It is important that you understand the solar panels available in the market. Photovoltaic cells or PV eclls is a common type of solar panels. These solar panels can be used to power households and businesses and reduce the overall utility cost. Solar panels can also allow the user to heat water and this could help reduce overall water heating costs. To maximize output of solar panels, it is crucial to note that the roof should be facing south. The direction in which solar panels are installed will determine how much power can be generated. Efficiency in energy production is crucial because it determines how much savings you can get. Make sure that tress and buildings do not shade or obstruct the solar panels between 10am and 4pm. This is the time where there is adequate sunlight and conversion of solar energy to electricity is at its peak.

Grade Your Premise or House

An energy performance certificate rates buildings according to their energy efficiency. Grade A is the most efficient while grade G is the most inefficient. Once you have attained an energy certificate, you can embark on finding the best solar panels for your house or business premises. Solar panels could increase the value of your house or business premises. Cheap solar panels require low or no maintenance in most cases and when it is properly installed, the only item that could need replacement is the inverter. After finding the right solar panel, you need to find the right installer.

Before choosing a cheap solar panel, it is vital that you do a back up envelope calculation based on your location. This will give you a rough estimate of what to expect in terms of return on investment. The amount of energy generated and overall power consumption in your house will largely determine the return on investment. Just like renovation to a building, installing solar panel is crucial to increasing the value of the house. Purchasing solar panels largely depends on your taste and preference. You can look for free solar panels if you do not have the initial money to invest. Alternatively, you can get a domestic solar panel loan if you cannot afford to buy solar panels upfront.

Installing solar panels could help you make money through feed in tariff. Excess solar energy generated could be added to the grid and you could earn some extra money. Domestic solar panels are good investments if you can secure a loan. Research showed that nine out of 10 people recommend houses that have solar panels installed. Moreover, surveys showed that solar panels increase the value of the property and it is ranked as the third reason why most people buy houses. It is imperative to understand that some mortgage owners consider solar installation as modifications. Nevertheless, you can consult your mortgage provider if you are doing a large-scale solar installation.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Finding the right solar panel can be a daunting task. You should also find the right installer. The system and the installer should meet the requirements of local authorities. It is good to get quotations from various installers before settling on the one you want to work with. Comparing quotes from different providers would help you ascertain that you get the best price and the right installer. It is crucial that you check if they can help you with removing existing roofs, scaffolding and other roofing works such as internal wiring, generation meter and electrical connection work. Always know what is feed in tariff. Some companies offer free solar panels, but they require the solar panel system to be feed-in tariff.

It may be practical to switch between electricity and solar system when solar power generation is low. The current feed -n tariff will reduce significantly and if you want to switch suppliers, it could help you ascertain the best energy solution. You can get cheap solar panels from different suppliers and always look at the trust rate and customer feedback before purchasing the panels. The performance of the solar panel is expressed in watts per hour and you should explore all possibilities of enhancing efficiency.

You should solder the wires to ensure that the power adds up. You can begin with 12 volts battery before moving on to 24 volts and use an inverter that changes direct current to 110 AC and 220 AC. Normally, the solar panels are arranged in series. Another method of ensuring that power is conserved is through insulation of boilers and water heating systems. Boilers usually make up the bulk of the utility bill and depending on your preferences, you can insulate a boiler to avoid heat loss once the water is heated. Insulating the walls and top loft is effective in reducing the overall heating cost. Research showed that heat insulation is key especially during winter.


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