Solar panels maintenance

Solar energy is a reliable and affordable source of electricity. This makes maintaining solar panels very important. Rain, dust particles, pollen or grime could accumulate on the solar panels, getting in the way of photons and their interactions with electrons and reducing the efficiency of the panels.

Cleaning of solar panels
Solar panels cleaning is cost efficient

Solar panels cleaning is cost efficient

Cleaning becomes a vital procedure for the maintenance of your solar panels. You may decide to hire a solar panel company to clean them. However, most solar panel installation companies offer cleaning as a package when helping you install them. It is not advisable to clean the solar panels yourself, especially if your roof is very high. Solar panels cleaning is very cost efficient as they only need to be cleaned once or twice every six months.

Other types of maintenance for solar panels

Other types of maintenance which your solar panels may need include testing and inspection services that may range from visual inspection to the testing for electrical faults and failure. This type of maintenance helps to identify factors of underperformance that may be lowering the efficiency of solar panels.

Testing & inspection of solar panels

Testing & inspection of solar panels

Maintenance packages offered by most companies cater to different services according to the customer’s needs. This may include an annual cleaning package.

Annual cleaning of solar panels include thorough cleaning and maintenance of panels, including the removal of dirt, dust and other types of grime which may affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Other types of services could include photovoltaic inspection where the professionals ensure that the panels are functioning properly. There is also inverter system checks, junction box checks, distribution board and cabling repairs and inspections. During the maintenance process, you could also have your meter checked for faults, voltage and current consistency. It is important to request for a maintenance report so that you have enough information on how your solar panels are functioning.

Cost of solar panels maintenance

What could these maintenance services cost you? Most solar panels maintenance companies offer very competitive prices ranging from $250 to $400 for the annual package (inclusive of all inspections and maintenance). Frequency of solar panels maintenance will depend on your agreement with the company. However, it is important to note that solar panels do not need a lot of upkeeping.

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