Portable Solar Kits

Portable solar kits are new energy-providing kits that uses solar energy and are portable. They are new in the market and the biggest problem is that they are not yet universally known and most people do not know how they operate. The solar kits are environment-friendly, reliable, cost effective and can be used anywhere since it only needs sunlight. That can be a very big advantage to third world countries which have the biggest population but few people have the means to assess or afford modern energy equipment.

A portable solar kit comprises all the technologies that we can carry around to be used in situations where there is an emergency. Emergency energy needs include electric failures. Portable solar energy kitswill come in very handy. The kit may look very simple since solar can be found everywhere but the energy is stored in solar devices which can be carried around easily from one place to another. These portable solar devices include solar generators, solar chargers, portable solar power systems and solar cookers. Portable solar kits are generally designed for outdoors, so it is ideal for people who are always on the move.

Features of a Portable Solar Kit

The portable solar kit has been designed in such a way that it is easy to set up and can be easily opearted by anyone who purchased it. To use a portable solar kit, you do not really have to be an electrician or a professional engineer. The solar equipment has been designed in a way that the solar energy can be generated easily and electricity with three voltages can be dispensed.

You do not have to go through a lot of trouble changing the battery. The kit can lst for many years without anyone changing the battery. Moreover, it is very light since it is a device that has been designed to move from one place to another. It is unlike many chunky electricity-producing products that can be used only in one place. Portable solar kits can also be bought anywhere since they have been made available in many places and there are also online providers.

How a Portable Solar Kit Works

A portable solar kit is an easy instrument to use. It basically needs sunlight. The first thing is to locate the position where the sunlight is coming from and ensure that there are no obstructions which block the sunlight at all. Secondly, you carefully remove the solar panel from its kit, unfold the two panels by unclipping the two latches and you place them directly facing the sun.

Further, in order to have the most efficient result, ensure that you keep adjusting the solar panel to directly face the sun since its direction keeps changing with time. To ensure that everything is secure and the positive and the black connections do not come into contact with each another.

Benefits of Portable Solar Kits

Portable Solar Kits are cost effective since it uses energy from the sun which is a natural resource. This means while using solar solar kits, you do not need money to spend on diesel or gasoline. Plus, there are no hidden costs since it only needs solar energy to work effectively. Generators need a lot of maintenance but with the portable solar kit, it requires only minimal maintenance.

Portable solar kits are best in emergency situations. You’re assured that you will never run out of power for your mobile phones and all other electronic devices that you own.

It is eco friendly since they do not produce harmful gases or produce a lot of noise. Most importantly, it produces good clean energy that does not harm human beings or animals in any way.

Portable solar kits are very useful in third world countries. Most third world countries are blessed with abundant sunlight which makes it easy for them to embrace solar energy. Solar energy is free. If their governments can help make solar energy equipment more affordable, solar energy will be available to everyone.

Shortcomings of Portable Solar Kits

Despite the fact that portable solar kits can be very useful, they are more costly than the normal solar power systems. However, it is only expensive when you first buy it. After buying it, you do not have to spend money buying petrol or diesel since all you need is sunlight to generate energy. However, many people are scared of switching to portable solar kits because the cost of buying it is too high.

Seasonal wather changes is another big disadvantage for portable solar kits. Weather can be unpredictable so solar energy supply can be unreliable at certain times when there isnt much sunlight. Therefore people tend to prefer the ones that do not depend on solar energy.

Solar energy is also very expensive to store, and sometimes you do not want to use the solar energy straight away. This therefore forces you to store it, which is a bit costly.This made many people do not want to embrace portable solar kits.

Solar energy equipment also tend to require a very large space. If you want to collect more solar energy, you will need to use a larger surface area. Most solar panels require a lot of space and most modern roofs do not have that kind of space. This means less sunlight and less solar energy will be collected.


Portable solar kits are very important energy providers throughout the world, since it is friendly to the environment. It is very useful in third world countries where most people have no access to electricity because they live in remote areas. However, with these countries embracing solar kits, these will not be a problemanymore. With solar kits, they will have cost-effective, clean and reliable energy.



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