How and why solar panel production has grown
How and why solar panel production has grown
Solar panels gaining popularity

Solar panels gaining popularity

When the production question comes to mind, a lot of factors are at stake. Production of solar panels has grown so much in the last couple of years, owing much to campaigns for clean sources of energy and eco-friendly practices. According to studies, the production of solar panels has grown about 117.8% in recent years. This has pushed the number of solar energy systems installed to about 15.1GW of electricity worldwide. This shows how popular solar energy systems are. Many people who have installed solar systems enjoy huge savings in their electricity bills. It can be said that the annual growth in solar system installations all over the world is not about to stop in the near future.

Looking closely at the numbers, you  will realize that production in major panel companies has gone up. Companies like Yingli, Trina Solar Company, Sharp Solar Company, the Canadian Solar Company are producing the most number of panels if you look at the electricity capacity for their products. Yingli is in the lead, producing about 3200 Mw of electricity worth of panels. These companies have almost doubled their shipments year on year since 2010.

The science behind solar panels production

The production of solar panels mostly involves silicon cells. As of now, they are not as efficient as they should be and can only produce (or convert) solar energy to usable electricity at just 10-20%. A lot of scientific effort has been made to ensure that these cells become more efficient which lead to the production of more electricity.

Solar panel production statistics
Solar Panels are eco-friendly

Affordable & eco-friendly

Solar energy is an affordable and eco-friendly source of energy all over the world. To add numbers to these statements we have to view the surveys of this year, 2016 to understand more about these. 7.5 GW installed in the United States of America in 2015 alone. It can be assumed that it’s due to the price reduction in solar panels. The market has also experienced about 18% growth of photovoltaic cells compared to 2014. Generally, there is an observable trend of solar panels production increasing year on year.

According to the department of energy in the US, the first quarter of 2016 has seen the number of solar panels hitting one million. There are speculations that solar panels installation may hit 2 million units in the following year. This source of clean energy is desired by everybody. This means more solar panels production and sales in the coming years.


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