What are smart solar modules?
 smart solar modules
smart solar modules

The desire for efficiency has pushed scientists to research and develop smart solar modules. It will be only a matter of time before smart solar modules are introduced. This is the addition of electronic components into photovoltaic modules which allows each module to perform individually at maximum power point tracking (MPPT). This in turn allows the measuring of performance data, thus monitoring and detection of faults can be done at the module level. The integration of a module optimizer into the junction box allows up to 30% longer strings and saving of balance-of -system (BOS).

Benefits of smart solar modules

The solar module has quite a lot of advantages. It provides safe solar energy in that it allows for remote disconnection and thus allows deactivation of solar modules during emergency situations such as fire breakouts. This will put users one step ahead in keeping emergency situations under control. Smart solar modules also allow the monitoring of the panel’s functionality and getting real-time data. This is crucial as it enables users to understand the panel’s functionality.

Smart solar modules have the highest power density. This allows the user to install as many modules as possible on any roof. This means more electricity and more power. Smart solar modules also have uneven strings which makes solar modules flexible, allowing you to place your solar panel anywhere. Apart from home lighting, this flexibility also allows the user to integrate solar power into other kinds of applications.

solar panel can yield much electricity
solar panel can yield much electricity

Smart solar modules enable maximization of energy yield. With the elimination of mismatch losses through impedance matching technology, the harvest of electricity increases significantly. With even minimal sunlight, the capacity of power per module increases significantly. This means the solar panel can yield as much electricity as possible with minimum sunlight.

Most smart solar modules in the market are fully integrated, allowing them to be compatible with any inverter. Having smart solar modules typically means that the user doesn’t need any additional boxes mounted onto a module. Due to the lower cost brought forth by the curve technology in some of these smart solar modules, there are few combiners, fuses and copper wires needed. This means cost effectiveness.

 In a nutshell

Smart solar modules are not only efficient, they are more powerful, safer and less expensive as well. A lot of engineering has gone into letting solar modules be this efficient and cost-effective. With smart solar modules, the future is definitely bright.


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