Solar Panel Charger

The use of electronic devices indoors and outdoors continues to grow. This leads to the demand of portable power solutions to recharge the devices. Solar panel charger is a solution that will help power up the devices. Portable solar panels have become a preferred choice among users. Understanding the power supply chain will be beneficial in choosing the right solar panel charger. To recharge your electric devices, you need portable batteries and a portable solar panel charger. Solar energy is one of the most common off-the-grid sources of power. Solar energy is a renewable and a clean source of energy which you can utilize to recharge your devices.

Solar Panel Charger

Solar Panel Charger

There are numerous solar panel designs available in the market – panels only, panels with independent storage batteries and panels with integrated storage batteries. Understanding the technical terms associated with solar panels and solar panel chargers is vital in finding the ultimate solution. Amperage is the electrical power that the solar panel supplies to the battery pack. Watts is a common unit of measurement and you should be able to understand the concept of electrical power. If you want to charge items, then it is imperative to note that the wattage of the panels. If you buy a low wattage panel, then you will end up charging multiple devices for a longer time and this is expensive. There are features that you should consider when looking for a solar panel charger.

Output Power

The output power of the solar panel charger is an important feature. It is essential that you match the needs of your devices by obtaining a solar panel charger of high quality. Some manufacturers are known to report total amperages of the total ports combined while others report amperage for only one port.

Types of Portable Panels


Copper indium gallidium selenide panels are flexible panels. They are very effective in converting sunlight into electricity. They are some of the most flexible solar panels in the market and it is vital to note that CIGS  could degrade quickly because it is very flexible.


Monocystalline solar panel refers to solar panels that are manufactured using silicon components that are more efficient in generating power with an efficiency of up to 22% . This is one of the highest efficiency rate in the solar panel industry.


Polycrystalline panels are bluish in color as the monocystalline panels have a black color. The performance of the solar panel chargers vary greatly and it is imperative to note that the silicon could affect the efficiency of the solar panel system to a huge extent.

External Battery vs. Solar Chargers

In most cases, you could use a battery that is bigger than your device battery and use it to charge you devices. You can take home a battery that could power up all your devices. External batteries offer temporary solutions. It is essential to note that solar chargers are efficient in powering up devices and could be the ultimate solution for green energy.

Features To Consider When Buying Solar Panel Charger


solar panel cell phone charger

Solar Panel Cell Phone ChargerSolar chargers are usually equipped with USB or universal serial bus ports. All the ports can charge mobile and other devices. The most common feature of solar panel chargers is the provision of an enhanced universal serial bus port with higher amperage as this will meet high power needs of most devices. Having a solar power charger is the best solution for most energy problems. However, it is imperative that you charge your devices when you are connected to the grid.

Integrated Batteries

Currently, panels have automatic adjustments that can help you charge up your deveices throughout the night unmonitored. It is essential to note that solar kits are the leading solutions for personal charging needs. Solar panels are known to charge devices quickly compared to batteries because they converge all solar energy into electricity and direct it to the devices. A good integrated solar device has an efficiency of up to 90% and it is not bad compared to regular batteries with efficiency of only 70-80%. The devices can be charged even with low energy. It is imperative that you can have an additional battery pack to avoid any charging interruption due to weather changes.

Ease of Use

One of the features of solar chargers is that they are effective in converting solar energy into electricity. It is imperative to note that when your are purchasing solar chargers, you should avoid excessive adapters, inconvenient set ups and cords. Choose a foldable solar panel that could be shifted with ease.


If you are buying a portable solar panel to use throughtout your trip, it should not be too heavy. You should look for a device that is lightweight. It is imperative to note that as much as you want a lightweight device, it should not take priority over efficiency, durability and reliability.


Many solar panels have integrated batteries and this is crucial for powering up devices. The integrated solar panel does not have a storage system and you should choose something that you can move around with ease. This is important especially if you want to go camping or you want to move to several areas with ease.  The solar panel should be affordable, light and small with high efficiency.


Many panels have two USB charging ports and the amperage is indicated on the device. Conversion of direct current into alternating current is a feature that modern solar panel chargers should have and you should look for a solar panel that is effective in changing direct current into alternating current. Much power is lost during the conversion of energy and you should consider the loss when choosing a solar panel.

Solar Accessories

Many modern solar panels are equipped with USB connectors which could be used to charge handheld devices. Others are equipped with charging indicators, extension cables, alligator chips and other vital features. It is imperative that you choose a solar panel with all the essential solar accessories.

Price per Watt of the Solar Panel

The easiest way to determine the value of the solar panel is the price per watt. The price per watt will give you an ultimate value of what to expect in terms of efficiency. You should include the cost of all accessories as this will help you know if you are getting the right deal. Solar power from portable panels is affordable compared to electricity from the grid apart. It is also environmentally friendly and a renewable energy source. It is imperative that you consider your energy needs before choosing a solar panel or device for your trip. It is important to consider all your energy needs and pricing of the solar panel before you choose a portable solar device.

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