Solar Panel Price

Solar Panel Price

The answer to how much solar panels are worth and how much it will cost a person looking to buy wholesale is normally on many of the solar company websites. There is more to these since apart from purchasing the solar panel, it there is the cost of installing it in your home or  business premises. Many of these companies even have solar panel price calculators which will help  you calculate how much the solar panels will actually cost you. The problem with these calculators and the calculations is that they are not easily understood by everyone.

Another huge problem is that most people will spend more than others. In areas where the sunlight is not abundant, more solar panels are needed here than in areas that have these strong sunlight. In addition the amount of sunlight that one will need to consume is another of the factor. That is to say a home and a business premises will not consume the same amount of power and therefore their prices are likely to fluctuate.

Factors that will determine the solar panel price and wholesale price

Solar Panels for Business

Solar Panels for Business

If you are buying it at a retailer price, you are more likely to spend more than the next person who is buying it for whole sale consumption. These is mainly because if you are buying it for retail, you are actually buying one and it is most likely for your own personal consumption. However, when you buy at a wholesale solar panel price, you will be buying them at very large qualities which will make them cheaper for you.

The location of your home or your business premises also play a big role in determining how much you are going to invest in your solar panels. That is to say for a home that receives sunlight throughout the day, you will not need a large or more solar panels which mean you will spend less on solar panels. However, for a house that receives less sunlight throughout the day, you will need to capture more solar energy and this will mean you will need more money since you will have to invest in larger solar systems and even more for them to capture enough solar energy.

The consumption of solar energy will vary for different households because the levels of consumption are very different. For instance, you maybe using solar energy for cooking, air-conditioning, ironing, playing video games, for work with your electric devices like the computer and TV. For a family that depends solely on solar energy will most definitely spend more than one who does less of that stuff.

A home solar panel used in a business premises will most definitely not cost the same amount of money. A business place will need more solar panels and also need more of them. It is therefore advisable that the business be ready to chip in more money in situations in getting there solar panels for business use.

The solar panel company that you choose to be your service provider will also play a big role in determining how much money you will have to inject into your solar panel business. There are companies that are less costly in their services and there are those that are expensive in the services they provide. For instance, a company that manufactures its own solar panels will actually be less expensive than a company that does not since they will have to purchase those solar panels from the company that manufactures them.

The types of government incentives available in your area will also play a major role in the amount of money that you will have to invest on your solar panel. For instance, there are areas that have less tax on solar panels and some other areas have bigger taxes on solar panels. Areas with less taxation will have cheaper solar panels compared to areas with higher taxation. For example, there are areas that the government has less incentives like taxation on solar panel equipments with the aim of encouraging people to switch to solar energy. In such cases, solar panels are bound to be cheaper in such areas.

Estimation of the cost of a Solar Panel

Home Solar Pannels

Home Solar Pannels

The amount of energy you consume in the house will determine how much the solar panel will cost. An example of solar consumption in the United States of America is that every household consumes solar energy of 1 Kilo watts in every hour, and the approximate price it will cost you for I Kilo Watt is 0.10$. In a month, for an estimated 730 hours, it will cost you about $73 a month. However this varies from household to household since we all have different types of consumption levels. The solar panel price is based on this.

Based on the recent research, a 5 kilo Watt system solar panel installed could cost the consumer an approximate amount of over $25, 000. This is based on the estimation of having 1 Kilo Watt costing $7. However, there are companies that deal with solar panels that will actually reduce the amount by giving discounts of over 40%. These can at least make the solar panels less expensive and thus making them affordable to many solar energy consumers out there.

However, despite the fact that most of these companies offer good incentives like giving you a discount, you will end up paying more than you could have purchased it at the normal solar panel price. The cost of a solar panel is at the estimated price of $5 including the installation price. This means that buying the solar panel at half price and paying it back with installments for some years will actually cost you more.

For every 100 square feet, you are likely to use 1 Kilo Watt of solar energy. This has been proved on solar panels that are approximately over 10 percent efficient. Based on this estimation, for people who live in areas where the sun shines for 12 hours, you actually only need a solar panel that covers 100 square feet. This solar panel will be able to generate your required solar energy, and you will just have to purchase it at a cheaper price. This will be different from a person who lives in an area not blessed with 12 hours of sunlight.

There are companies that actually offer solutions. They provide you with a meter which actually goes backwards in situations that you are not consuming a lot of energy. This is offset in situations where you are actually consuming a lot of energy. It is always a good deal to find companies that give these kinds of meters since it comes as a good package.


A normal solar panel is actually made up of four elements which include the solar panel itself. There are also batteries that store the absorbed energy for future use. There is the controller which controlls the batteries to ensure a regular flow of electricity. And then there is the converter which converts the energy that is stored in the batteries. These components of a solar panel mean that from time to time, you need to replace the batteries or other parts. All these will require a considerable amount of investment. It is therefore advisable for you to do serious research before investing in these solar panels.

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