Solar Panel Reviews

Solar panels are one of the best energy solutions available in the market. The panels are made to last for 25 years or more. Once you have installed solar panels on your residential house or business premises, you can be cutting energy costs by over 50%. The best solar panels in the market have a higher efficiency rating and they come with a proven track record of energy generation. Solar World is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers and it has been producing solar panels for over 40 years in Germany and the United States. To understand how different manufacturers make their solar panels, you need to understand efficiency and energy ratings of different solar panel manufacturers. Solar World, Kyocera Solar, LG Solar and Centrosolar are some of the most reliable brands around. In this article, we focus on residential solar panels and have compiled a list of some of the most important factors to consider when choosing solar panels for your home.


According to the technical media solar panel, the industry is volatile and many companies have declared bankruptcy in the last decade. However, the rate of companies going broke is reducing. Investing in new equipment and producing solar panels with a high efficiency is an area that companies are focusing on driving modern technology. There are two commonly available warranties: 25-year performance warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty that mainly covers panel hardware such as glass and diodes. Obtaining a solar panel with a warranty is essential because it will give you optimal peace of mind through its lifetime.


Watt refers to how much power a solar panel can produce. Wattage helps to determine the number of solar panels you can install on your premise. For example, if you use 6000 watts and you want to use 300-watt solar panels, you will need 20 of such solar panels. With the number of solar panels needed in mind, you also have to take into consideration the total surface area of the roof. With the right amount of power in place, you can have an electrical backup and reduce energy costs. In essence, you can buy a few high wattage solar panels instead of many low wattage solar panels. This is efficiency rating which is an important feature in solar panels. A 230-watt solar panel with 8% efficiency will require twice as much roof space than a 16% panel of the same wattage. The efficiency of solar panels is calculated by putting into consideration input from the sun and the energy output of the solar panel. There is continued research on improving the efficiency of solar panels in the market.

Customer Service from Manufacturer

You cannot talk about solar panel manufacturers without considering their customer support team. All solar manufacturers like to be associated with installers of high quality whom they can refer to you. You can choose a suitable manufacturer who will can refer you to a high-quality installer. If you choose an installer recommended by the manufacturer, in the event that the installer runs out of business, you can contact the manufacturer to leverage on the warranty of the solar panel. You should look for solar manufacturers with good customer service teams because they will help to solve your problems should you need heelp.

Price of the Solar Panel

It is imperative to note that the first installation of solar panels can be a daunting task and you should consider price changes in the market before committing to buy solar panels. Solar panel price do not vary greatly from company to company. The bulk costs is usually associated with installation and other associated costs. As a consumer, you should look beyond finding a good installer and a positive track record. Finding good system hardware, inverters, panels and installation quality as well as warranties and costs plays an essential role in determining how much you can gain from your panels. Solar panels are ranked according to efficiency and how long they have been around in the industry.

Solar panels come in three forms – monocrystalline panels, thin film panel and polycrystalline panel. Solar shingles are integrated into thin film solar panels to serve two purposes. They increase aesthetic appeal and helps to convert solar energy into electricity. If you are planning to purchase solar panels for your house, it is imperative that you consider all the factors before choosing one. You can save a lot of money on utility bills by installing solar panels. Solar panels are low cost and they offer clean energy with an efficiency testing of about 16%. Solar panels are built to last for up to 25 years.

Roofing Conditions

It is important to know how your roof conditions when installing solar panels. You should install solar panels on sturdy roofs to avoid the high cost of maintenance. If your roof needs reinstallation or changes, it is important to change the roof first before you install the solar panels. Solar panels are installed at angles depending on their location. If the roof is totally flat, then it is recommended that panels be installed at angles to allow sunlight to be converted to energy. A slanting solar panel allows rainwater to flow through. If rainwater pools on the surface of solar panels, cell damage could occur.

According to energy experts, the tilt of the solar panels matters a lot because that will affect how much power the panels will produce. The angle largely depends on the location and the season. The closer you live to the equator, the more sunlight you will receive. You can calculate the tilt required to give you optimal energy. Your latitude is the same as the angle of the sun in the sky halfway midsummer and midsummer. Tilting panels at midway point will maximize the amount of sunlight. If your solar panel is located on a different side of the roof, it could lose more than a half of the total energy from the sun. You can analyze how much energy is lost by checking on energy reports from your city.

Ease of Use

You are required to check local regulations and permits when it comes to installing solar panels on your premises. You can mount Kyocera Solar panels on your own you really know how to and if the local authority law allows it. Experts recommend that it is against the law to do so unless you really understand what you are doing. It is better to get an installer who will recommend you to the best solar panel for your house. The ease of use of a solar panel is imperative because it will determine the maintenance level that is required to keep the solar panel up and running. Kyocera Solar panels are easy to maintain in that they only require regular cleaning and an annual check for wire connection. When looking for good solar panels for your house, you should consider the customer support they can provide because they will be the ones you will deal with you should a problem occur.


Look for manufacturers who have been around for at least 10 years. Go for solar panels that have higher power and with extended warranty periods. Maximize the available space on your roof and determine the best way to optimize sunlight to generate solar energy.



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