Sun Power Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are one of the most famous solar panel brands in the market. The company is renowned for making high quality solar panels and their products are efficient in converting solar energy into electrical energy. It is essential to note that SunPower solar panels are effective in solving your energy crisis. To understand the efficacy of the solar panel, it is important that you choose a solar panel of high quality.


Solar panel efficiency refers to how well the solar panel can convert sunshine into electricity. Given the same conditions, a high efficiency solar panel produces more electricity than that of a lower efficiency of the same size. A higher efficiency solar panel is the most effective in converting sunlight into electricity. SunPower solar panel is the most efficient in the market. Most solar panels have efficiency rates ranging from 14-18 %. SunPower products are known to have a higher efficiency of 19.1-22.2%. If you are looking for efficient solar panels, then SunPower solar panels could be good options.

Temperature Coefficient

Sunpower Solar Panels

Sunpower Solar Panels

Temperature coefficient is a feature that indicates how well the solar panel can handle conditions that are not ideal. Solar panels usually perform well when they are kept at cool temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius. You can use the temperature coefficient to know the performance of the solar panel on hot summer days. For example, if your panel has a temperature coefficient of -4.0 %, it means that it will decrease electricity production by 4% when temperature changes from 25 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius. Ideally, if you are looking for solar panels, look for one with the lowest temperature coefficient because it means it will not be largely affected by temperature changes.


It is essential that you look for a manufacturer with reliable warranty. A solar panel warranty is sometimes called an equipment warranty. It guarantees that the equipment will be replaced in case of defects arising from environmental or manufacturing issues. Most solar manufacturers in the market offer a 10-year warranty on their solar panels. In keeping up with its commitment to quality, SunPower offers a 25-year warranty on its products. The performance warranty of a product will give you a glimpse of what to expect in terms of performance and efficiency. SunPower solar panels offer the best performance warranty in the market and their performance warranty is 87% compared to the industry standard of 80 and 83%.

Cost Of SunPower Solar Panels

The cost of SunPower solar panels largely depends on the materials. Although SunPower is one of the best solar manufacturers in the industry, its pricing range is not pricey. According to market research, SunPower solar panels cost between $3.5-4.6$ and this is the median price. Other panels in the market may cost up to $6 per watt. SunPower solar panels have received a premium plus rating, the only brand that has received such a good rating in the market. If you have a limited space and need to maximize solar energy production, SunPower solar panels are a good choice. You will noy go wrong with solar panels from the largest manufacturer in the market. When looking for solar panels, compare prices from various suppliers.

The customer care of SunPower will follow up to know what you want and guide you accordingly. In addition, they will recommend an installer they trust. The solar panel pricing varies from place to place and if you want to go for premium solar panels, then you will have to make a considerable invesrment to get the best. SunPower is an American company that manufactures their solar panels in the Philippines. Richard Swanson founded the company in the year 1985 and since then it has grown to become a global brand offering solar panel solutions.

SunPower Warranty Is the Best in the Market

High Efficiency Panels

High Efficiency Panels

SunPower solar panels offer a 25-year warranty and this is the market’s best. The failure rate of the solar panels produced by SunPower is 27 in one million. This means only one panel is defective in 37,000. However, as a consumer, it is essential to note that the malfunctioning panel can be replaced immediately by the company. SunPower Company will send someone to replace the defective panel and you will not have to go to the company to find a replacement.

The main reason why SunPower offers twice the warranty for its products compared to other companies is that thermal expansion is the main cause of panel failure. When temperature changes, the solar panel expands and contracts at varying rates. This puts strain on the material and causes crack to form which subsequently leads to malfunctions. Once the wires are broken, current will not pass and this will burn the protective encapsulate, leading to corrosion and failure of the entire panel. SunPower Company has eliminated thermal expansion in their solar panels and they can offer clients long-term warranty.

SunPower have ensured that their wires collect electricity in a fine patterned mesh on the back of the cell. This arrangement is vital in distributing stress caused by expansion and helps keep the materials together. It is imperative to understand that they have greatly improved survivability of connections between solar cells by having designs with less thermal expansion. The panels have a copper backing and this is a soft ductile material that prevents the solar cells from thermal expansion.

More Electricity per Watt

SunPower solar panels are very reliable. The solar panels produce more electricity per watt. They have a positive tolerance, which means that the solar panels will continue to produce electricity at a steady pace even with changes in temperature and other environmental factors. The panels can handle shade more efficiently than other solar panels in the market can. It is imperative to note that they operate at lower temperature which improves performance and they degrade more slowly than other panels out there.

Positive Tolerance

Solar panels usually vary in their output. No manufacturing process can make 100% identical panels. Therefore, it vital to note that SunPower solar panels have an extra output of 0-5%. If you purchase a solar panel with an output of 350 watts, you may get 350 W to 355 W. Positive tolerance is where there is no downside and because these are high quality panels that will exceed your expectations. There is nothing to block sunlight when it comes to SunPower solar panels because the silicon absorbs all available light. There is a wire called busbar which is located on top and it collects electricity that is vital in improving energy efficiency and converted electricity.

There is nothing more vital than having a solar panel that conserves energy. When it comes shading, a small part of the solar panel could result in lowered efficiency and functionality in some cases. It is essential to note that diodes have a lifespan and depending on the capacity of the solar panel, you should opt for solar panels with high quality diodes to prevent loss of quality. Higher efficient solar cells are vital in improving energy production in the solar cells. SunPower solar panels are one of the best in the industry and it essential that when you look for top notch brands, go for panel makers that have been in the industry for a long time.

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