high efficiency solar panels

High efficiency solar panels are available in the market with varying levels of effectiveness. Most solar panels are capable of producing 12-22.5% of energy absorbed into the panel before conversion to usable electricity. Efficiency of solar panels depends on the surface area and the energy needs of the house or premises. You can increase the number of solar panels on the roof of your house or business premises. A customer may purchase a few units of high efficiency solar panels because the panels can covert the least amount of solar energy into useful electricity. With a high efficiency solar panel, you require less surface area to generate the power you need. Some solar cells can convert up to 22.5% of solar power into electricity. This is the ideal choice for smaller buildings that do not have much space for a larger system. Many buildings can be powered up by 10 or 30 solar panels. However always keep the solar panels in series. This is effective as it reduces chances of complications especially in installing many low efficiency solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

High Efficiency Solar Panels

Many buildings may be fully powered with 10 to 20 arrays without having to be dependent on the local utility company. It is imperative to note that high efficiency solar panels should be installed at the right angle on the roof to optimize the amount of sunlight reaching their surfaces. The arrays must be installed with ample space between the bottom of the system and the roof. In some models, it could be disrupted by shadows and this should be taken into consideration when installing the solar panels. High efficiency solar panel arrays are available in two basic types: polycrystalline silicon and monocystalline silicon. Monocystalline silicon uses single cells of silicon and they can produce 17-22.5% efficiency of electricity by capturing solar energy. This is the most productive type of cells and it can absorb more energy than other models.

A polycrystalline silicon board of multiple cells are embedded with lower quantity of silicon. It is a more affordable than high efficiency solar panels with a possibility of producing electrical energy by up to 17%.  One common mistake that many people make is to try to install the solar panels by themselves. This is a bad idea because that could affect the solar panels functionality and the total electricity derived from the panels. It is crucial that you hire the services of a licensed contractor. A professional solar installer will calculate the energy produced in your location and determine the right place to install the solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panel Installation

Most high efficiency solar panels require high initial capital. However, you can use a small number of high efficiency solar panels and yet produce a large amount of energy. You can improve the efficiency and conversion rate of the solar panels by clearing the area where the panels are going to be placed. Any kind of shade or dirt will affect the overall output of the solar panels. Installing high efficiency solar panels guarantees you high energy production.

When you produce excess energy, you can turn it into profit by selling the excess energy back to the utility company. There are numerous benefits that are offered by the utility company if you sell power directly to them. It is essential to note that governments are trying to find an ultimate solution to the energy crisis.  More people are embracing solar energy and when you have a high number of solar panels, you can reduce or sometimes eliminate electrical bills. Premium feed in tariffs expire in some countries and households need to look for alternative sources of energy such as battery storage, electric vehicles and off grid sources.

High Efficiency Solar Panels Ratings

House with solar panels

House with solar panels

Over the past decade, there is a solar boom around the world as most people are looking for green and renewable energy sources. Conventional energy sources such as coal, electricity and fossil fuels are creating greenhouse gases which are the main culprits of global warming. Many solar rooftop modules are rated 160 W, 250 W, 300 W and 400W. It is vital to note that the high efficiency models convert solar energy into electricity faster than any other models available in the market. The efficiency of the solar panels is an essential feature and most manufacturers are looking for ways to improve quality.

Premium solar panel models are expensive but they are effective in converting solar energy into electrical energy. Cheap solar panels reduce efficiency and contribute to dumping, especially in less developed countries. When you contact a solar panel seller, it is crucial that you read the customer testimonials to get a glimpse of what you are going to expect from the seller. There is a huge shift in market demand as most solar manufacturers are looking for prospective buyers who can purchase the high-end models. The battery storage market is continually expanding and it is vital that you consider other factors apart from efficiency and size of the panel. According to LG solar manufacturers, most homeowners are looking for a solution to energy problems and they are choosing high efficiency solar panels.

One way to combat climate change is to eliminate the production of fossil fuel dependent vehicles. It is imperative to note that hybrid vehicles can be more efficient and powerful in combating climate change than fossil fuel based vehicles. Currently, LG electronics is offering a 320W neon 2 and the company is continuing to increase the efficacy and functionality of the cells by launching solar panels that are more powerful. In addition, storage battery products range from 3.3 KW to 10 KW. This will increase the energy stored in homes. It could help eliminate the need for grid electricity or coal dependent power generation.

Common Assumptions about Solar Panel Efficiency

There are misconceptions when it comes to solar technology. In the past 10 years, the technology has shifted drastically and researchers as well as company producers are looking for newer ways of producing solar energy. When planning to hire a solar panel contractor, it is imperative that you assess the service provider in all aspects. Credentials, certifications, insurance and certificates of compliance are some of the vital information you should look at. High efficiency solar panels are smaller but are very effective in converting solar energy into electricity. When it comes to installation, the size of the panels matter. Since these are high efficiency solar panels, fewer solar panels will be required to power up a larger plant or cope with high-energy costs. The commonly known high efficiency solar panels are stylish, smooth on the exterior and most people find them more appealing than the conventional solar panels. The rate at which solar energy is converted into electricity is increased with the high efficiency solar panels. You should look for a trustworthy solar panel supplier .

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