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solar panel companies
Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

There are many consumers out there who are ready and willing to experience the available solar panels. However, the problem is most of them are completely unaware of which solar panel companies to turn to. There are many companies out there that either manufacture, install or do both. It’s up to you to be aware of that.

Sun Run Solar Panel Company was established in 2007 and the advantages that come with buying solar panels from them is that you can save over 18%. You can lease. It also offers also purchasing agreements. The only problem is that their solar panels are only available in 15 states of the United States.

Vivint Solar Panel Company was established in 1999, and it offers the same services as Sun Run Panel Company. In addition, it offers home security for owners and focuses on offering a good price. The problem with Vivint Solar Company is that it is only found in 12 states in the United States.

NRG Solar Panel Company provides home installation, design, and even maintaining. It can be the best option for a person who does not want to do most of the work while moving to solar energy. However, the problem is that they do not offer purchasing agreements and leasing. So a consumer should be aware of that.

Sun Power Solar Panel Company has been established 55 years ago and unlike NRG, it offers power purchase agreements and also leases. In addition, it also offers good discounts. It does the installation and also the manufacturing. This is one of the companies that have been in the solar market for a long time.

Solar Panel Companies Operating In the World

Solar Panel Companies

This is not a full list of all the solar companies out there but it is probably a good start. It is wise to still go to the internet and find out all the other solar companies and their services. It is always wise for you to do your own research to help you choose the one that will best suit your personal needs.

Types of solar panel companies

There are those companies that are only consumers in that they only manufacture solar panels and the rest of the work is for the consumers. For the installation, you will have to do it independently or hire other companies to do the installation. It is not advisable to go for these kinds of companies for your solar panels since you will need to do a lot of work.

There are also those companies that only do the installation. They only install solar panels but do not manufacture them. However, most of these companies will usually go out of their way to first purchase the solar panels on your behalf and then include all the purchasing cost in your installation cost.

There are also full services companies for solar panels. They will not only purchase the solar panel for you but will also go ahead to take care of all the maintenance cost of the solar panels. This is because most of these full-service companies normally own the solar power systems.

There are also vertically integrated companies that come in as a whole package. They are the ones responsible for the manufacturing of solar panels solar cells. These companies also go ahead to do the installation of those solar panels, they also do the maintenance.

There is the lead generating companies which do not manufacture solar panels or install solar panels. They act as middle men between these solar companies and consumers. They inform the public and encourage them to go solar.

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

Features that matter the most in solar panel companies

A consumer will always to be aware and do research on the kind of deals and features that solar panel companies.

The first important factor is financing options. Most solar companies do not have a price tag on their solar panel equipment and therefore you will not be aware of the financing option that is available. However, it’s always advisable to know so that you can know what steps you will have to take when it comes to saving. There are factors you must bear mind before purchasing that solar panel.

For instance, you have to know whether you want to lease or sign a power purchasing agreement. In these agreements, the company selling the solar panel to you will be a third party. He will be the one operating and maintaining your solar panel and you as the customer will give them the permission to install the solar panel on your property.

There is the option of getting a loan from your bank before purchasing a solar panel from the company. It is advisable that you first have a clear view of what it all it entails. Do thorough research and ensure that you get what you wanted. This is to ensure that you do not get any surprises especially after you have bought your solar panel from your preferred company.

There are also some financial institutions like Property Assessed Clean Energy. They will give you finances that you will need to pay for the installation of solar panels.


What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

What Most Solar Panel Companies Offer

Every company is out there to compete. Solar panel companies are no exception. There are solar companies that only install, others only manufacture while others do both and some offer only services. The other additional services offered by these solar panel companies include the following:

There are companies that will give you warranties and offer the required maintenance of the solar panel. These bonus services always come with a cost.

There are companies that will offer you financing help and then you can pay back according to what you have agreed to your contract. However, it’s best that you do thorough research first to ensure that you actually get what you want financially.

There are companies that will also go out of their way to work with incentives that you can actually afford. For example, tax incentives. There are those companies that actually do the manufacturing themselves so it is always a good idea to actually work closely with them.

It is always also advisable to look for those companies that offer good customer service to ensure that you have the best information about their solar panels and services.

It is a good idea to first do your research on the companies and know what you want.


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There are many companies manufacturing solar panels out there: Solar world, Trina Solar, Hanwha Q Cells and JA solar. Solar world is one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers that has factories in the United States and Germany and it is also has offices all over the world. The company has been in business for over 40 years.

Solar Panel Manufacturers

solar panel manufacturers

Solar Panels Manufacturers

Most of these famous manufacturing companies make solar panels for both grid and off grid power generation. Moreover, they also offer installation, construction services. There are even companies that offer extra services such as training services to their new trainees which is a good advantage since this will ensure that converting to solar energy becomes a simple process.

Most of these manufacturers have made a big impact on the usage of solar energy today. They have made it easy to convert to solar energy.  Kyocera is one such company that has made great contributions to solar energy. They produce solar panels and solar cells that are used in the installation of solar energy.

The History of Kyocera Solar Panels

This company has been in existence for a very long time. It began its journey in the 1950s when the world sees an oil crisis. Kyocera Solar Panel Company decided to find a way to solve the issue and they found the solution in conversion to solar energy. With solar energy, unlike oil, it will not suffer from shortages since solar energy is a completely free source of energy.

After discovering solar energy, Kyocera has never looked back. They went ahead to ensure they make the beset solar panels and solar cells. In fact, there are quality solar panels that they made in the 1960s that are still existing today.

Advantages of Solar Panel and Kyocera Solar Panels

Many families all over the world have been encouraged to switch to solar energy. Kyocera as a solar panel manufacturer made a big impact by being among the first manufacturers in the world to actually embrace solar energy. Based on a research in 2012, it was discovered that more than 70 % of the people in America had actually switched to using solar panels and these was mainly because  of the availability of solar panels.

Solar panel manufacturers have saved the world a lot of money. Before the advent of the solar energy, most people used to depend on petroleum oil and diesel which was costly. Furthermore, most petroleum oil is an export and it has caused the country a lot of money. Through switching to solar energy, families and countries all over the world saved a lot of money. After installation, solar energy uses sunlight which is free.

Advantages of Solar Panels

Advantages of Solar Panels

It has also played a big part in making the world a safe and clear environment. Furthermore, conversion to solar energy has played a big role in slowing down global warming.  For along time it has been said that if change is not actually done right now, human life will be threatened because of global warming. Solar panel manufacturers have played a big role in ensuring that the world is a better place to live in.

Further, it has stopped any kind of monopoly because people with oil could monopolize it especially in situations where there is a crisis. However, thanks to solar panel and solar cells manufactures, it is now easy to get freee energy from the sun.

Solar panel manufacturers have also created many job opportunities. This has lead to many manufacturing companies like Kyocera to create distributing outlets and in the process they create many job opportunities. They also educated the public on the importance of converting to solar energy.

Solar panel manufacturers have also made conversion to solar energy a very easy thing. For instance, people used to spend a lot of time to get a solar panel and getting someone to install them was another stressful process. However, the manufacturers have made it simple because now since solar panels and cells are readily available.

The guaranteed performance of solar energy is also because of the solar panel manufacturers. This has saved a lot of families a lot of money who have switched to using the solar energy and also it can be seen by the increasing number of people who are actually embracing solar energy.


As we have discussed, solar panel manufacturers and Kyocera Solar panels have made a great impact on solar energy. They are the heart of solar energy. The huge success that we have with solar energy is due to solar companies.

Kyocera has made good process as the solar panels and solar cells manufactured many decades ago are still working today. We should appreciate these manufacturing companies for producing quality solar panels.

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Solar Panel Price

There are very many solar panel companies all over the world that offer solar panels. They include Vivint solar, NRG home solar, Sunrun company, Xoom Solar and Sun Power Company. They all offer very good additional services like tax credits, warranties, flexibility and monitoring services but it is always advisable to do a personal research before making any decision. Utah solar panel companies also has good incentives on renewable energy with an aim of encouraging people to switch to solar energy.

Solar companies have played a big role in  getting people to convert to solar energy. These companies make it easy for many people to actually access their solar panel equipment. Furthermore, these companies offer good packages like loans and tax credits, thus encouraging a lot of people to actually invest in solar energy. This is because initial costs are high but these additional services of cutting the costs are a good idea for everyone.

Top Solar Panel Companies

utah solar panel companies

Utah Solar Panel Companies

Everyone would want to have reliability consistency and spend less money. That is what you get when you switch to using solar energy. However, before you get to buying and installing the solar panels in your home, it is always advisable to know your companies. The main aim of actually knowing the kind of company you are going to purchase your solar panel and solar cells from is because you need to be aware of what they offer since most of these companies have interesting additional services. While most of these services are beneficial, there are also negative ones.

Sunrun Company was established in 2007, and it has been supplying solar panels. The advantages of buying solar panels and solar cells from this company include: it has a financing option which you can decide to finance everything (installation and maintenance) and you pay back in installments. There is also the option of leasing and the best part is you will be able to  save over 18% when you buy your solar panels from them.

NRG Home Solar is among the best home solar panel providers. However, they do not offer power purchasing agreements. They offer other services like installing the solar panels and maintenance. The additional services the company offers include solar panel designing.

Vivint solar company was established in 1999. It is also a solar panel company and is best for people looking to install solar panels in their homes. It also offers leasing services to its customers and you can also sign a power purchasing agreement.

Xoom Solar Company also deals in solar panels and solar cells. It also offers leases and finances.

Sun Power Solar Company is one of the best solar companies around and has been in the solar business for over 30 years. They have solar panels that are patented. This has set them apart from other companies out there.

Is solar energy suitable for you?

solar panels in Utah

Solar Panels in Utah

Most Utah solar panel companies wil first do an evaluation so they can know if solar energy is suitable for you. Here are some factors that the solar companies actually consider before making their decision.

The size of the roof is very important, so before you go to those companies, ensure that you have all the information regarding the size of your roof. This is mainly because your roof must be big enough to ensure that the solar panels can fit onto your roof. The more energy you need, the more important it is to have a larger roof since it will need larger solar panels.

The amount of sun you get is also an important factor to consider. This is because solar energy from the sun is what we need for the solar panels to actually work effectively. It is therefore always advisable to know how many hours of sunlight you receive a day. This means for areas that receive sunlight for less hours will need larger solar panels compared to those that receive sunlight for more hours daily.

When we are looking to invest in anything, we always consider finances and the benefits we are going to get. This is not an exception in solar panels. Most Utah solar panel companies offer installment plans. In addition, most of these companies also offer leasing and power purchasing agreements.

What To Look Out For In Good Utah Solar Companies

There are companies that of tax incentives and there are companies which offer friendly tax credits when you purchase the solar panels from them. There are companies that offer warranties and these is a good option for any person looking for a sense of security. There are companies that offer warranties of up to 20 years.

Some companies offer monitoring as one of their additional services since it is very important to ensure that everything is working properly.  In instances where you do not get a company that offers maintenance services, you will have to get your own technician and it is sometimes a hassle to do so.

There are Utah solar panel companies that come with flexibility financing plans, They offer loans and power purchasing agreements. This is mostly for the consumers who have not actually decided what they are going to do. However, with all those choices on the table, you can weigh your options carefully.

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High efficiency solar panels are available in the market with varying levels of effectiveness. Most solar panels are capable of producing 12-22.5% of energy absorbed into the panel before conversion to usable electricity. Efficiency of solar panels depends on the surface area and the energy needs of the house or premises. You can increase the number of solar panels on the roof of your house or business premises. A customer may purchase a few units of high efficiency solar panels because the panels can covert the least amount of solar energy into useful electricity. With a high efficiency solar panel, you require less surface area to generate the power you need. Some solar cells can convert up to 22.5% of solar power into electricity. This is the ideal choice for smaller buildings that do not have much space for a larger system. Many buildings can be powered up by 10 or 30 solar panels. However always keep the solar panels in series. This is effective as it reduces chances of complications especially in installing many low efficiency solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panels

High Efficiency Solar Panels

Many buildings may be fully powered with 10 to 20 arrays without having to be dependent on the local utility company. It is imperative to note that high efficiency solar panels should be installed at the right angle on the roof to optimize the amount of sunlight reaching their surfaces. The arrays must be installed with ample space between the bottom of the system and the roof. In some models, it could be disrupted by shadows and this should be taken into consideration when installing the solar panels. High efficiency solar panel arrays are available in two basic types: polycrystalline silicon and monocystalline silicon. Monocystalline silicon uses single cells of silicon and they can produce 17-22.5% efficiency of electricity by capturing solar energy. This is the most productive type of cells and it can absorb more energy than other models.

A polycrystalline silicon board of multiple cells are embedded with lower quantity of silicon. It is a more affordable than high efficiency solar panels with a possibility of producing electrical energy by up to 17%.  One common mistake that many people make is to try to install the solar panels by themselves. This is a bad idea because that could affect the solar panels functionality and the total electricity derived from the panels. It is crucial that you hire the services of a licensed contractor. A professional solar installer will calculate the energy produced in your location and determine the right place to install the solar panels.

High Efficiency Solar Panel Installation

Most high efficiency solar panels require high initial capital. However, you can use a small number of high efficiency solar panels and yet produce a large amount of energy. You can improve the efficiency and conversion rate of the solar panels by clearing the area where the panels are going to be placed. Any kind of shade or dirt will affect the overall output of the solar panels. Installing high efficiency solar panels guarantees you high energy production.

When you produce excess energy, you can turn it into profit by selling the excess energy back to the utility company. There are numerous benefits that are offered by the utility company if you sell power directly to them. It is essential to note that governments are trying to find an ultimate solution to the energy crisis.  More people are embracing solar energy and when you have a high number of solar panels, you can reduce or sometimes eliminate electrical bills. Premium feed in tariffs expire in some countries and households need to look for alternative sources of energy such as battery storage, electric vehicles and off grid sources.

High Efficiency Solar Panels Ratings

House with solar panels

House with solar panels

Over the past decade, there is a solar boom around the world as most people are looking for green and renewable energy sources. Conventional energy sources such as coal, electricity and fossil fuels are creating greenhouse gases which are the main culprits of global warming. Many solar rooftop modules are rated 160 W, 250 W, 300 W and 400W. It is vital to note that the high efficiency models convert solar energy into electricity faster than any other models available in the market. The efficiency of the solar panels is an essential feature and most manufacturers are looking for ways to improve quality.

Premium solar panel models are expensive but they are effective in converting solar energy into electrical energy. Cheap solar panels reduce efficiency and contribute to dumping, especially in less developed countries. When you contact a solar panel seller, it is crucial that you read the customer testimonials to get a glimpse of what you are going to expect from the seller. There is a huge shift in market demand as most solar manufacturers are looking for prospective buyers who can purchase the high-end models. The battery storage market is continually expanding and it is vital that you consider other factors apart from efficiency and size of the panel. According to LG solar manufacturers, most homeowners are looking for a solution to energy problems and they are choosing high efficiency solar panels.

One way to combat climate change is to eliminate the production of fossil fuel dependent vehicles. It is imperative to note that hybrid vehicles can be more efficient and powerful in combating climate change than fossil fuel based vehicles. Currently, LG electronics is offering a 320W neon 2 and the company is continuing to increase the efficacy and functionality of the cells by launching solar panels that are more powerful. In addition, storage battery products range from 3.3 KW to 10 KW. This will increase the energy stored in homes. It could help eliminate the need for grid electricity or coal dependent power generation.

Common Assumptions about Solar Panel Efficiency

There are misconceptions when it comes to solar technology. In the past 10 years, the technology has shifted drastically and researchers as well as company producers are looking for newer ways of producing solar energy. When planning to hire a solar panel contractor, it is imperative that you assess the service provider in all aspects. Credentials, certifications, insurance and certificates of compliance are some of the vital information you should look at. High efficiency solar panels are smaller but are very effective in converting solar energy into electricity. When it comes to installation, the size of the panels matter. Since these are high efficiency solar panels, fewer solar panels will be required to power up a larger plant or cope with high-energy costs. The commonly known high efficiency solar panels are stylish, smooth on the exterior and most people find them more appealing than the conventional solar panels. The rate at which solar energy is converted into electricity is increased with the high efficiency solar panels. You should look for a trustworthy solar panel supplier .

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The use of electronic devices indoors and outdoors continues to grow. This leads to the demand of portable power solutions to recharge the devices. Solar panel charger is a solution that will help power up the devices. Portable solar panels have become a preferred choice among users. Understanding the power supply chain will be beneficial in choosing the right solar panel charger. To recharge your electric devices, you need portable batteries and a portable solar panel charger. Solar energy is one of the most common off-the-grid sources of power. Solar energy is a renewable and a clean source of energy which you can utilize to recharge your devices.

Solar Panel Charger

Solar Panel Charger

There are numerous solar panel designs available in the market – panels only, panels with independent storage batteries and panels with integrated storage batteries. Understanding the technical terms associated with solar panels and solar panel chargers is vital in finding the ultimate solution. Amperage is the electrical power that the solar panel supplies to the battery pack. Watts is a common unit of measurement and you should be able to understand the concept of electrical power. If you want to charge items, then it is imperative to note that the wattage of the panels. If you buy a low wattage panel, then you will end up charging multiple devices for a longer time and this is expensive. There are features that you should consider when looking for a solar panel charger.

Output Power

The output power of the solar panel charger is an important feature. It is essential that you match the needs of your devices by obtaining a solar panel charger of high quality. Some manufacturers are known to report total amperages of the total ports combined while others report amperage for only one port.

Types of Portable Panels


Copper indium gallidium selenide panels are flexible panels. They are very effective in converting sunlight into electricity. They are some of the most flexible solar panels in the market and it is vital to note that CIGS  could degrade quickly because it is very flexible.


Monocystalline solar panel refers to solar panels that are manufactured using silicon components that are more efficient in generating power with an efficiency of up to 22% . This is one of the highest efficiency rate in the solar panel industry.


Polycrystalline panels are bluish in color as the monocystalline panels have a black color. The performance of the solar panel chargers vary greatly and it is imperative to note that the silicon could affect the efficiency of the solar panel system to a huge extent.

External Battery vs. Solar Chargers

In most cases, you could use a battery that is bigger than your device battery and use it to charge you devices. You can take home a battery that could power up all your devices. External batteries offer temporary solutions. It is essential to note that solar chargers are efficient in powering up devices and could be the ultimate solution for green energy.

Features To Consider When Buying Solar Panel Charger


solar panel cell phone charger

Solar Panel Cell Phone ChargerSolar chargers are usually equipped with USB or universal serial bus ports. All the ports can charge mobile and other devices. The most common feature of solar panel chargers is the provision of an enhanced universal serial bus port with higher amperage as this will meet high power needs of most devices. Having a solar power charger is the best solution for most energy problems. However, it is imperative that you charge your devices when you are connected to the grid.

Integrated Batteries

Currently, panels have automatic adjustments that can help you charge up your deveices throughout the night unmonitored. It is essential to note that solar kits are the leading solutions for personal charging needs. Solar panels are known to charge devices quickly compared to batteries because they converge all solar energy into electricity and direct it to the devices. A good integrated solar device has an efficiency of up to 90% and it is not bad compared to regular batteries with efficiency of only 70-80%. The devices can be charged even with low energy. It is imperative that you can have an additional battery pack to avoid any charging interruption due to weather changes.

Ease of Use

One of the features of solar chargers is that they are effective in converting solar energy into electricity. It is imperative to note that when your are purchasing solar chargers, you should avoid excessive adapters, inconvenient set ups and cords. Choose a foldable solar panel that could be shifted with ease.


If you are buying a portable solar panel to use throughtout your trip, it should not be too heavy. You should look for a device that is lightweight. It is imperative to note that as much as you want a lightweight device, it should not take priority over efficiency, durability and reliability.


Many solar panels have integrated batteries and this is crucial for powering up devices. The integrated solar panel does not have a storage system and you should choose something that you can move around with ease. This is important especially if you want to go camping or you want to move to several areas with ease.  The solar panel should be affordable, light and small with high efficiency.


Many panels have two USB charging ports and the amperage is indicated on the device. Conversion of direct current into alternating current is a feature that modern solar panel chargers should have and you should look for a solar panel that is effective in changing direct current into alternating current. Much power is lost during the conversion of energy and you should consider the loss when choosing a solar panel.

Solar Accessories

Many modern solar panels are equipped with USB connectors which could be used to charge handheld devices. Others are equipped with charging indicators, extension cables, alligator chips and other vital features. It is imperative that you choose a solar panel with all the essential solar accessories.

Price per Watt of the Solar Panel

The easiest way to determine the value of the solar panel is the price per watt. The price per watt will give you an ultimate value of what to expect in terms of efficiency. You should include the cost of all accessories as this will help you know if you are getting the right deal. Solar power from portable panels is affordable compared to electricity from the grid apart. It is also environmentally friendly and a renewable energy source. It is imperative that you consider your energy needs before choosing a solar panel or device for your trip. It is important to consider all your energy needs and pricing of the solar panel before you choose a portable solar device.

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How to Install Solar Panel

How to Install Solar Panel

To maximize solar panel system energy production, you should know how to install your solar panels where it will be exposed to sunlight for most parts of the year. Rooftop installation is a common feature and it is imperative that you analyze your location before installing the panels. An ideal home solar installation should have a large, sunny and north-facing roof with a degree pitch similar to the altitude of the terrain. Even if you do not live in a country with low sunlight, solar panels is a huge investment and you should consider carefully. The money you will save by installing solar panels is huge compared to electricity bills. Factors that you should consider when installing the roof solar panels include:

Roof Suitability

Roof Suitability

Roof Suitability

The most important question is how suitable your roof is for solar installation. Most roofs can allow solar panel installation. Depending on the direction of the roof, the solar panel installed could help in converting sunlight into electrical energy that is used later for running appliances and other activities. Solar panels can be placed in any direction depending on where the sun shines most parts of the day. It is imperative that you check out energy solutions from your city before you choose the right solar panel for your energy needs. Solar panels are usually installed on the roof at a pitch between 15-40 degrees. Depending on the elevation level, the solar material chosen will give you optimal energy. Ideally, a fixed roof mounted solar energy system should be at an angle that is equal to the latitude of the installation location. However, in most cases, solar panel installers recommend angles of between 30-45 degrees in areas that are more inclined.

The angle of the solar panel will affect the amount of energy generated by the solar panel. It is estimated that the tilting of the roof angles will allow the solar panels to absorb more light and convert it into usable electricity. Regardless of your location, adopting a tilt angle is essential for the solar panel to convert all the sunlight into usable energy. Optimal energy production occurs when the solar panels face either south or north at a tilted angle of 30 degrees.

Shape and Size of the Roof

Shape and Size of the Roof

Shape and Size of the Roof

The easiest way to install solar panels on a large square roof is that for every kilowatt of panels that you want to install, you require about 100 square feet of the roof. A typical homestead will require about 500 square feet of space to install the solar panels. Other factors that will affect the productivity of the solar panels include chimneys, dormers, and skylights. In essence, solar installers design the layout of the panels around these obstructions to ensure that you receive maximum electricity production.

Shade on the Roof

Shade on the Roof

Shade on the Roof

It is imperative to note that the roof gets enough sun throughout the day and if it maximizes this energy, it could lead to a better utilization of sunlight. Tall buildings and trees nearby can block the sun and this will cast shade on the roof, reducing the amount of electricity the solar panels produce. It is important that you trim the trees to allow the sun to reach to the solar panels more efficient.

The Age of The Roof

Age of The Roof

Age of The Roof

Solar panels produced by modern manufacturers can last for 25 years. Removing and replacing your roof before its due time could be costly. Before you install the solar panels, it is essential that your roof is in a good shape and does not need replacement in the near future. The material on your roof will also determine the longevity of the roof. Some of the readily available roofing materials include metal, gravel, wood, composite materials. Solar panels could be installed on cedar, slate, clay tile roofs, among others. It is important that you ensure that the installers have an idea of the type of the roof they are dealing with. Before you get a solar array, it is important to evaluate the area where you are located. Pathfinder devices can help you understand more about the sun. The Pathfinder will help you locate where the sun shines most of the day.

Solar Panel System Tips

Solar Panel System Tips

Solar Panel System Tips

The most beneficial thing about installing solar panels is that companies give a very long guarantee period of up to 25 years. Therefore, if you install modern solar panels on your premises, you are assured of a return on investment within the first 10 years. Microinverters and solar panel inverters are vital items in solar panel installation. The most crucial aspect about the inverter is that it must take the electricity that is fed to the system to allow it convert the direct current into alternating current. Solar panel investors determine the energy that you are going to get from the solar panels. Micro converters are better than solar panel inverters are because each panel contributes directly to 100% energy production and does not affect the output of other teams. When it comes to solar panel installation, the type of investors you use to convert the direct current to alternating current. Understanding the roof type and the way which you want to install the solar panel is crucial because it will determine the overall functionality of the solar panels.

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

In situations where you have a pitched roof, it is important that you engage the services from a company that has been in the industry for long. They will ensure that you get reliable services. Depending on the complexity of the project, most solar panel installations take two full days and within 48 hours, you will have your energy solution running. In some areas, you may require a permit and approval from energy department in your area. Although the cost of purchasing solar systems does not vary greatly, there are options to choose from depending on the area your location. The hardware is the most expensive part of the solar panel installation system. However, once you have installed the panels, you will have energy solution for the next 20-25 years. The installation process should be dependent on the type of solar panels installed. Depending on the type of the solar panel, you will require an expert. There are two types of photovoltaic systems – stand-alone or grid dependent installation system.

You should look into the history of the company which will install the solar systems on your premise. The company should have many years of experience. Certification of the company plays a crucial role in maintaining and installing high-end solar panels. You should hire a licensed and certified contractor to avoid any type of complication that may arise. Where there are solar rebate programs, you will need a contractor who understands the laws and regulations governing the program. Look at the customer testimonials to get a glimpse of what the company gives its clients. The photovoltaic modules generate more electricity than other types of solar systems and the amount should indicate the maximum generating capacity.

The amount of energy produced by the solar panel system will depend on the amount of sunlight and this varies according to the season of the year and location. You should have sufficient data to allow you to know what happens in situations where sunlight is reduced or where the wattage per hours exceeds consumption. Getting a solar system up will largely include the cost of connection to the grid, warranty, sales tax, hardware, installation, and permits. Warranty is an essential aspect when evaluating solar panel installing because the solar rebate program may require agreements that are written in several parts. When installing solar panels, it is important to have a strategy of maintaining the electrical appliances. The maintenance should be regular and system components may require a change from time to time. Talk to your installer to determine how effective the panels are and if troubleshooting is necessary. You should size up your home electric solar system requirements. Sizing up your components is essential for you to find the right solar panel system for your house or business premises. This process is usually crucial especially in the standalone system because they are not connected to an electricity grid.

The photovoltaic modular is essential and can add to the solar energy collector and give you more energy. Once you have understood all your electricity needs, the most important aspect is to outline all the essentials in achieving a natural goal of gaining sustainable energy. One point in getting the best out of your solar panel installation system is to contact your utility company and request for electricity usage. From this, you can know the number of solar panels you will need to install on your roof.


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Solar panels are one of the best energy solutions available in the market. The panels are made to last for 25 years or more. Once you have installed solar panels on your residential house or business premises, you can be cutting energy costs by over 50%. The best solar panels in the market have a higher efficiency rating and they come with a proven track record of energy generation. Solar World is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers and it has been producing solar panels for over 40 years in Germany and the United States. To understand how different manufacturers make their solar panels, you need to understand efficiency and energy ratings of different solar panel manufacturers. Solar World, Kyocera Solar, LG Solar and Centrosolar are some of the most reliable brands around. In this article, we focus on residential solar panels and have compiled a list of some of the most important factors to consider when choosing solar panels for your home.


According to the technical media solar panel, the industry is volatile and many companies have declared bankruptcy in the last decade. However, the rate of companies going broke is reducing. Investing in new equipment and producing solar panels with a high efficiency is an area that companies are focusing on driving modern technology. There are two commonly available warranties: 25-year performance warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty that mainly covers panel hardware such as glass and diodes. Obtaining a solar panel with a warranty is essential because it will give you optimal peace of mind through its lifetime.


Watt refers to how much power a solar panel can produce. Wattage helps to determine the number of solar panels you can install on your premise. For example, if you use 6000 watts and you want to use 300-watt solar panels, you will need 20 of such solar panels. With the number of solar panels needed in mind, you also have to take into consideration the total surface area of the roof. With the right amount of power in place, you can have an electrical backup and reduce energy costs. In essence, you can buy a few high wattage solar panels instead of many low wattage solar panels. This is efficiency rating which is an important feature in solar panels. A 230-watt solar panel with 8% efficiency will require twice as much roof space than a 16% panel of the same wattage. The efficiency of solar panels is calculated by putting into consideration input from the sun and the energy output of the solar panel. There is continued research on improving the efficiency of solar panels in the market.

Customer Service from Manufacturer

You cannot talk about solar panel manufacturers without considering their customer support team. All solar manufacturers like to be associated with installers of high quality whom they can refer to you. You can choose a suitable manufacturer who will can refer you to a high-quality installer. If you choose an installer recommended by the manufacturer, in the event that the installer runs out of business, you can contact the manufacturer to leverage on the warranty of the solar panel. You should look for solar manufacturers with good customer service teams because they will help to solve your problems should you need heelp.

Price of the Solar Panel

It is imperative to note that the first installation of solar panels can be a daunting task and you should consider price changes in the market before committing to buy solar panels. Solar panel price do not vary greatly from company to company. The bulk costs is usually associated with installation and other associated costs. As a consumer, you should look beyond finding a good installer and a positive track record. Finding good system hardware, inverters, panels and installation quality as well as warranties and costs plays an essential role in determining how much you can gain from your panels. Solar panels are ranked according to efficiency and how long they have been around in the industry.

Solar panels come in three forms – monocrystalline panels, thin film panel and polycrystalline panel. Solar shingles are integrated into thin film solar panels to serve two purposes. They increase aesthetic appeal and helps to convert solar energy into electricity. If you are planning to purchase solar panels for your house, it is imperative that you consider all the factors before choosing one. You can save a lot of money on utility bills by installing solar panels. Solar panels are low cost and they offer clean energy with an efficiency testing of about 16%. Solar panels are built to last for up to 25 years.

Roofing Conditions

It is important to know how your roof conditions when installing solar panels. You should install solar panels on sturdy roofs to avoid the high cost of maintenance. If your roof needs reinstallation or changes, it is important to change the roof first before you install the solar panels. Solar panels are installed at angles depending on their location. If the roof is totally flat, then it is recommended that panels be installed at angles to allow sunlight to be converted to energy. A slanting solar panel allows rainwater to flow through. If rainwater pools on the surface of solar panels, cell damage could occur.

According to energy experts, the tilt of the solar panels matters a lot because that will affect how much power the panels will produce. The angle largely depends on the location and the season. The closer you live to the equator, the more sunlight you will receive. You can calculate the tilt required to give you optimal energy. Your latitude is the same as the angle of the sun in the sky halfway midsummer and midsummer. Tilting panels at midway point will maximize the amount of sunlight. If your solar panel is located on a different side of the roof, it could lose more than a half of the total energy from the sun. You can analyze how much energy is lost by checking on energy reports from your city.

Ease of Use

You are required to check local regulations and permits when it comes to installing solar panels on your premises. You can mount Kyocera Solar panels on your own you really know how to and if the local authority law allows it. Experts recommend that it is against the law to do so unless you really understand what you are doing. It is better to get an installer who will recommend you to the best solar panel for your house. The ease of use of a solar panel is imperative because it will determine the maintenance level that is required to keep the solar panel up and running. Kyocera Solar panels are easy to maintain in that they only require regular cleaning and an annual check for wire connection. When looking for good solar panels for your house, you should consider the customer support they can provide because they will be the ones you will deal with you should a problem occur.


Look for manufacturers who have been around for at least 10 years. Go for solar panels that have higher power and with extended warranty periods. Maximize the available space on your roof and determine the best way to optimize sunlight to generate solar energy.



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pros and cons of solar energy
  • What is solar energy?

What is solar energy?

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy of the sun. It is obtained through solar panels which use sunlight to produce electricity. Solar panels are usually mounted on rooftops of office buildings and private homes and angled towards the sun. More and more countries around the world are using solar energy to reduce the usage of fossil fuels. Private home owners and households also use the sun’s power to reduce their monthly electricity bills by decreasing the need of electricity from energy companies.

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly important part of the world we live in. Therefore, we need to take into consideration whether we are going to include solar energy as part of our own green way of living. To help you take an informed decision whether solar energy is the right choice of energy resource for you, we’re going to explain the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of energy.

  • Advantages of solar energy:

  • It is renewable

 it is renewable and it won’t be depleted

it is renewable and it won’t be depleted

The main advantage of solar energy as an energy source is that it is renewable and it won’t be depleted. Other energy sources like fossil fuels, coal and nuclear power are non-renewable. Fossil fuels will be depleted in several decades time.

Solar energy will be available as long as the sun is alive which means for for another 6.5 billion years, according to NASA. Actually, the Earth itself will cease existence 5 billion years from now after being swallowed by the sun.

  •  It is abundant

The potential of solar energy is enormous because the surface of the earth receives sunlight that is equivalent to 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation. That is 20,000 times more than the power needed to supply our entire planet.

  • It is sustainable

Another advantage of solar power is its sustainability. Sustainable energy sources can be used by the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. In other words, solar energy is sustainable because it is impossible to be over-consumed.

  •  It is environmentally friendly

environmentally friendly

environmentally friendly

Generally, the use of solar energy does not cause pollution. However, there are emissions caused by the manufacturing, transportation and installation of the systems needed for harvesting solar energy. Even so, these emissions are much less harmless compared to most conventional energy sources. Also, solar energy reduces our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. This is an important step in fighting the climate crisis.

  • It is readily available

Unlike other energy resources, solar energy is available everywhere. All countries can benefit from it. Germany, for example, has the highest capacity of solar power in the world by far.

  • It reduces the cost of electricity

Since the introduction of net metering and feed-in tariff (FIT) schemes, individual homeowners can now “sell” the electricity they don’t need. They can also receive bill credits when they produce more electricity than they actually need.

The financial benefit for these homeowners is that they can reduce their overall electricity expenses by going solar. A recent research by solar company One Block Off the Grid revealed that adding solar panels to your home can bring about monthly savings of more than $100 in various states of the USA.

Nowadays, homeowners usually choose to finance their solar panels by leasing or using power purchase agreements. This drastically reduces or even eliminates upfront costs of buying and installing a solar panel system and allows more homeowners to afford them.

  • It has many applications

 transparent solar power windows

transparent solar power windows

Solar energy can be used for a vast range of purposes. For example, it can be used to generate electricity in places lacking a grid connection, for distilling water in polluted areas or even power satellites in outer space.

Solar power is also known as “The People`s Power”. This refers to the easy way in which both photovoltaic and solar thermal panels are deployed at the consumer level.

Since the introduction of flexible thin-film solar cells, solar power can be integrated into the building material of houses. Recently, transparent solar power windows were introduced in the market.

  • It can be shared

There are different reasons, such as shading, insufficient space and ownership issues that prevent around 1/5 of American households from using solar panels. The introduction of “shared solar” aims to build community solar gardens. Homeowners can subscribe to them and thus generate solar electricity without actually having solar panels on their own rooftops.

  • It is silent

There are no moving parts involved in the standard applications of solar power. Therefore, there is no noise associated with solar panels unlike other green technology such as wind turbines.

The use of fossil fuels and other renewable energy may be very noisy. The production of solar energy is silent and doesn’t increase the sound pollution of the neighborhood.

  • It is financially supported by the government or the state

Governments usually supports the use of solar energy and therefore offers tax rebates or subsidize the installation of solar panels. This significantly reduces the cost of solar panels. It is not uncommon for the price of a residential photovoltaic system in the US to be reduced by more than 50%.

Homeowners can find out more by searching through the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE).

  • It needs almost no maintenance

It needs almost no maintenance

It needs almost no maintenance

Most solar power systems require limited maintenance. Residential solar panels only need to be cleaned a couple of times each year. Some solar manufacturers offer up to 25-year warranties for the solar panels they produce.

  • Solar energy technology is constantly improving

The solar power industry is constantly improving. Technological advancements are constantly being made. Innovation in the fields of nanotechnology and quantum physics could even triple the electrical effectiveness of solar panels.

  • Disadvantages of solar energy:

  • It is expensive

The initial cost is the most significant disadvantage of solar energy. The installation of solar panels on your rooftop is expensive. The best quality solar cells may cost well above $1000, and a limited number of households could actually afford them because they usually require more than one panel. Therefore, the upfront costs can be quite high.

Nowadays, using solar panels can be cheaper than buying electricity from the power grid. This is possible because of government’s incentives.

  • It is intermittent

It is intermittent

It is intermittent

Solar energy is an intermittent energy resource because access to sunlight is limited at certain times of the day and during bad weather. Predicting overcast days is not easy either. This means that for around half of the day, solar panels could be not producing energy. The climate and weather patterns differ from area to area and that can also influence the efficiency of the solar panels.

Another obstacle to the efficiency of solar panels is air pollution. This is important for homeowners and industries residing in polluted zones like bigger cities. This is why solar power is not the usual choice for meeting basic energy demand. However, solar power has less intermittence problems than say, wind power.

  • Energy storage is expensive

Energy storage systems such as batteries are being used to overcome demand and load problems. They make solar power more stable but these technologies are quite expensive. Solar power is used to charge batteries for household and commercial needs so that during the night, there will still be access to power. The batteries themselves are heavy and large. They need storage space and occasional replacement which is also expensive.

  • It is associated with pollution

Solar power creates less pollution than fossil fuels, but there are some problems. Some manufacturing processes produce greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrogen trifluoride and sulfur hexafluoride have been associated with the production of solar panels. These are some of the most potent greenhouse gasses impacting global warming thousand times more than carbon dioxide. Transportation and installation of solar power systems also have an indirect impact on pollution. Nevertheless, compared to other energy sources, solar energy causes less pollution.

  • It requires some exotic materials

It requires too much space

It requires too much space

Certain solar cells require rare materials and therefore are expensive. This is especially true for thin-film solar cells because they are made of either cadmium telluride (CdTe) or copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS).

  • It requires too much space

Power density or watt per square meter (W/m²), is essential to produce more energy from a single energy installation. The low power density indicated that a lot of space is required to provide for needed power at lower prices. This means that a single rooftop or yard may not be enough to fulfill the household’s energy needs. Solar energy requires more production space than any other renewable energy sources. However, compared to oil, gas and nucler power, solar power still requires less production space.

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Off-grid systems refer to systems without connection to the utility grid. Thus, people using an off-grid system will have to ensure that every part of the house gets electricity.  

For an off-grid solar system, you need four basic components and they include a solar panel, charge controller, inverter and battery. Before choosing the components, you have to calculate your power load and how long the off-grid system will run. The next thing to do is to select the batteries. The output from the solar panel in an off-grid system is direct electrical power.

The next step is to select the solar panel. Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical current through the photovoltaic effect. These solar panels are categorized into monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive and more efficient compared to polycrystalline solar panels. The size of the solar panel should be considered carefully to ensure that the battery charges to full capacity daily. Once the solar panel has been selected, choose a charge controller. This device will be  placed between the solar panel and battery to ensure regulation of voltage and also that of current coming out of the solar panels.

After selecting the charge controller, choosing an inverter is next. The three popular types of inverters include modified sine wave, pure sine wave and square wave inverters. They may be cheap but are not recommended for most appliances. The same case applies for the monitor sine wave inverters which are slightly more expensive than square wave inverters. The solar panel now has to be installed. It is advisable to get an expert to do the installation. Companies whose area of specialization is installing off-grid solar panels are more capable of installing it properly. It is also good to choose a solar company that has the most references and positive reviews from clients whom they have served before.

Off Grid system

Off Grid system

As off-grid solar systems are not associated with the electrical grid in any way, the power in a building using an off-grid solar system will not go off during a power failure. However, it is important to take note of the storage space in the batteries in an off-grid solar system as well as the extra expenses you have to go through to buy them.

There are many reasons why people prefer off-grid solar systems.

Environmental concerns are essential in this. Most people have directly felt the impact of global warming in their lives and realized that they should be using less energy. Some people also prefer to generate their own electricity. Social values, political issues and the high cost of using electricity from the power grid all play a role in converting people to off-grid solar system users. Generally, the further away a house or building is from the power grid,  more expensive electricity will be. So, it makes more sense to be generating your own electricity from an off-grid solar system in this case.Think about the huge savings and environmental benefits you will be enjoying from using an off-grid solar system.

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How Do Solar Cells Work?

What are solar panels made of?

What are solar panels made of? Concentrator photovoltaics is a technology which involves the use of semiconducting materials that convert solar energy into direct electricity. These semiconducting materials have the property of creating electricity or voltage current upon exposure to sunlight and this effect is known as the photovoltaic effect. Lenses are used to focus sunlight on electrical devices known as photovoltaic cells.


Floatovoltaics are solar panel systems which operate on water. The water lying beneath keeps the panels cool and prevent them from overheating. The electricity generated can be used locally or to power distant homes and businesses. These panels also block the water from direct sunlight which would otherwise have algae and other microorganisms growing on them. These panels also conserve water by ensuring that it does not evaporate readily. Since the panels are constantly exposed to water, it is necessary to ensure they are waterproof to prevent damage and corrosion. This makes their installation and maintenance cost more than solar panels installation on land.



Photovoltaics is the method of converting solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells are used to carry out this conversion. Photovoltaic cells are combined to form solar panels. A photovoltaic cell’s basic attributes that effectively contribute to its operation or light absorbed, separation of different types of charge carriers and extraction of those carriers to a separate external circuit. Photovoltaic cells are usually connected in series and parallel circuits in modules.  Read the solar panels information below to learn more.

Solar panels have been designed to absorb the rays of the sun for the generation of electricity. There are two main types of solar panel. These are solar water heating and photovoltaic solar panels. Photovoltaic solar panels use the energy from the sun to produce electricity which can then be used in the home or be exported onto the grid. The four basic types of solar photovoltaic panels are monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells, hybrid cells and amorphous silicon cells.

These four differ in efficiency and price. The more number of panels fitted on the roof, the more electricity will be generated. On the other hand, solar water heating panels use energy from the sun to heat up water. Unlike solar photovoltaic panels which  produce electricity, solar water heating panels produce hot water. The two main types of solar water heating panels are a flat plate and evacuated tubes. If possible, you may install both solar water heating panels and photovoltaic solar panels on your roof, which will provide hot water and free electricity respectively.

Concentrator photovoltaic technologies

Concentrator photovoltaic technologies

Concentrator photovoltaics technologies are more profound today as they have shown a lot of promising potential for more efficient solar power generation. However, their efficiency level has much room for improvement. This is because only direct sunlight is converted into solar energy, meaning that the sunlight diffracted by the clouds and the atmosphere is wasted. The manufacturing cost of concentrator photovoltaic system is also very high, making it difficult to mass produce.

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